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Safety Measures to Follow After LASIK

Generally, after a laser eye surgery people wait for the time that it will be healed. However, there are times that people do not care of what will actually happen after the surgery. All they know is that the surgery is successful and in time, they’ll be all right but in fact, it will not happen because overdoing something especially with regards to the eyes is not good. Concrete examples of overdoing you eyes are usage of computer for long hours, playing videos games or watching movies or television ‘til dawn and short period of sleep. These habits may overdo your eyes which lead to damage and worse thing that may happen is blindness.


Lasik is known to repair damages particularly in the eyes. Common eye problems such as astigmatism, farsightedness, nearsightedness and the like can be corrected by this kind of surgical procedure. After lasik method is done, safety measures should be strictly followed by anyone who undergoes lasik operation up till now. These are some safety measures to avoid any damage or infection that may occur after the surgery:

Don’t drive until the lasik Singapore doctor told you so. Most of the time, after surgery, patients believe that they are already fine but the truth is, they’re not. Actually after the operation, the patients must avoid everything that might overdo the eyes.


  • Avoid water from passing through your eyes day after the surgery.
  • When taking a bath, do not put soap near the eyes so that other elements in the soap that may harm the eyes will be avoided.
  • In Singapore, people know that avoiding from hair sprays and lotion will help the healing process quick.
  • It is recommended by lasik experts to avoid rubbing the eyes after the surgery. If it cannot be avoided, rub it gently and not carelessly.
  • To avoid anything that may go inside the eyes such as dust, wear some protective glasses or perhaps goggles or anything that will covered or prevent any object that may pass through the eyes especially while sleeping.
  • Based on the lasik Singapore forum, a patient is not allowed to pour tap water closer to the eyes after a week of surgery.
  • Avoid any kind of fitness exercises such as jogging, aerobics and the like. There are dangers that the sweat will go to the eyes and there will be times that you can’t avoid to rub your eyes.
  • Most people in Singapore do not put makeup after laser eye surgery. Not only Singaporeans are avoiding it but also people around the world who have the same condition. Also, putting a little makeup or a powder on the face is a no-no because this can cause infection to the eyes which would only worsen the condition.
  • Since Singapore has improved tools to generate the procedure, a lot of lasik Singapore eye centers recommend that avoiding sunlight will help the healing process faster.
  • Going to beaches, lakes and swimming pools is a no-no while the healing process is not completely done.

Better looking every day

Even if you want to, you can’t. You must wait for the perfect time that your eyes heal. Besides you are the one who can benefit from it. And if you cannot do that, there will be a big possibility that you’ll be blind.

Destinations You Wouldn’t Want to Miss in Singapore

Singaporeans opposes that aside from dining, movies and shopping, there are no other activities and places which you can do and go. Many tourists tend to satisfy themselves only on the renowned Orchard Road, well this would only lead them to boredom! For a second, forget about the luxurious designers’ brand and better get going to explore the genuine existence of Singapore’s charm.

Well, check out these places where tourists won’t normally go and in these places, the true spirit and pride of Singaporeans lie.

Botanic Gardens


So you’ve arrived very early in the city and business starts at 11am. “What to do?” you may ask yourself. Head out to the Botanic Gardens which open at 5am to midnight. Walk the tracks of the virgin forest and enjoy the cool atmosphere. Take the National Orchid Garden’s 1,000 orchid species and 2,000 hybrids.

Chinatown Heritage Center


After feeling fresh at the garden, time-travel while in Singapore and visit the Chinatown Heritage Center. Make yourself a part of Singapore’s history and be fascinated by the late 19th century and early 20th century sets of kitchen, bedroom and street scenes. When done, don’t forget to buy a souvenir!

Digital Malls


If you’re a “techy” type of traveler, Singapore has a wide-range of electronic gadgets. Funan Digitalife Mall and Sim Lim Square could let you choose your favorites! Prices are 10% to 20%off!

Singapore Flyer


And now that you’re in Singapore, don’t go home until you experienced a ride to the Singapore Flyer. Your $29.50 is all worth it for a 30-minute ride. The best time to stop for a ride is at dusk. After an unforgettable answer to Singapore’s London eye, grab a chili crab dinner at Seafood Paradise.

Indulge and relax yourself after the fun tour and end your night at Zouk, the heart of nightlife in Singapore. Show off your moves, swagger styles and outfits at the dance floor and satisfy your drive to groove.

Orchard Road’s Unseen Treats

Orchard Road is a wide street in Singapore where you can find leading fashion labels like Prada, Dior, Louis Vuitton, as well as the country’s grandest hotels and shopping centers. People from different walks of life never missed to walk by this destination. But aside from the luxurious brands and five star hotels, one interesting stall caught my attention – ice cream stalls along the road.


Hidden Sweets

The one who sells the street ice cream are mostly elderly man. A very simple ice cream recipe with options of flavors, where you could pick your own choice of flavor and have it on a wafer or bread. I tried the strawberry ripple with the bread. The color is oh so attractive matching the strawberry ice cream with the pink marble bread. And the price, it’s the cheapest that I ate! Buying this ice cream would make you cool and refreshed after a long walk in the Orchard Road.


Tummy Fillers

When evening came, I took a walk on the Orchard Road and I found another stall for a street food. When I looked around, it looks like a food court. It’s neat and clean so I filled my hungry tummy with braised duck noodle and soya sauce chicken set. This order is a little more expensive; just taste simple and ordinary but satisfying.


Street Delights

After enjoying the food I took a little walk across the street and found these mini coconuts near the Mustafa Centre. These are very delicious and sell so fast so better hurry and have one. Well, if you are new to Singapore do not miss out these three recommended flavorful and mouth-watering street foods! Or if not sure, choose carefully so as not to pick the wrong taste. Enjoy Singapore!

How to Organize Files Systematically

Many people forget or ignore the importance of organizing files. You may not see its point now but you will surely realize its important later on. Therefore, you should organize your files systematically so you do not waste your time sorting through all your files. We often waste our time looking for important documents because we failed to put it in order. Sometimes we go crazy looking for it. This scenario can be prevented if we just know how to organize files systematically. Organizing files is not exclusive for Singapore. It should be shared to the world so people can deal with things easily.


Here in Singapore, people are encouraged to practice organizing files. Other neighbouring countries should do the same. Our country s prosperous so it is important that all the business transactions and other files should be managed well. Without proper management of files in a file server, Singapore will lose track of everything. Do yourself a favour and learn the art of organizing files. Here’s an overview:

Gather everything on one spot. When you feel that papers are cluttering around your office or home, it is time that you consider organizing or managing it in a server. The first thing that you should do is gather everything in one stop, digitalise it and save them into a file server Singapore office where you can easily access. All papers, folders, envelopes and computer files should be gathered in one spot and scanned for saving.

Decide what filing system you want. When you see the papers, folders, envelopes and computer files, you should decide the filing system you want. For papers, folders and envelopes, you should look for filing cabinets. When looking for one, you should determine the amount of space you need for it, the size of the cabinet and the weight of it. For computer files, you should consider file server.

file cabinet detail

Sort it out. Organizing everything based on the category is recommended. For example, you should sort everything in the file server according to importance or nature. Sorting out is the crucial so when time comes, you will know how to find it without wasting too much of your time.

Label. To make things easier for you when you are looking for something, you should label it. Labelling is important so you should not forget it. You can buy labelling materials or you can use your artistic talents and make your own labels. This is an easy job do not worry.

Proceed with the storing. Now you are almost done. For your papers, the filing cabinet is available and you should utilize it well. For electronic documents, you should consider file server. A file server is common for institutions and organizations. File server is widespread because of its storage and sharing capabilities. If you want to know more about file server, you can consult experts.


Organizing files are not easy and of course, it is time consuming but if you put your heart to it, you will complete it in a few hours. If the task is overwhelming, you should ask help from friends. You can also refer to other materials or articles so you can have many ideas about organizing files. More importantly, you should make it a habit. Organizing should be practiced all the time. This is not a onetime deal. Organizing should be present at all times.

You should also share the benefits of organizing or managing files to fellow friends and colleagues. Do not worry because as time goes by, you will get used to it.

What You Should Know About Wedding Filming

Wedding videography should not be underestimated because it can also present a challenging task. You should be a professional when you do wedding videography to give the couple satisfaction every time they recall or reminisce the moment. But if in this case you are still learning the skill, you can also consider wedding videography as your practicing field. You do not need to ask for a big talent or professional fee when you are beginning. For the sake of experience, you should pursue wedding videography. The first thing that you should do is obtain a camcorder and carry on your wedding videography. Since you are a beginner, you do not need a very expensive camcorder.

You can get fine camcorders here in Singapore. If you are looking for a cheap one, you should consider the Great Singapore Sale. After securing your camera, it is imperative that you learn basic things about filming. What you need to know about filming:



There are camcorders that have automatic focus. You will not worry every time you point and shoot. If you have a camcorder that has manual focus, you should know how to set it. When setting it while trying to become the perfect videographer in singapore you should put the dot or square in the center on the subject you want to focus on and then push the manual focus album.

White Balance

There are many camcorders that have automatic White Balance feature. When you change locations, your camcorder will adjust with the different lighting sources.


Lighting is important. You should give your subjects justice by giving light. Be mindful of the sun and make sure you are behind it not in front of it.


When you zoom in, you distort the image quality so when you need close up, you should come near the subject. Do not depend on zooming because it is being lazy.


A good video is not only about the video but it is also about the audio. Spare the audience or viewers that hustle of deciphering everything by providing microphone. Make sure the microphone is near the subject so you can get a quality audio.

When you are scheduled for a shooting, you should prepare for it. What you need to prepare:



You should first make sure your camcorder is working. It would be a bummer if you know your camcorder is not working on the site. Before setting out, you should see it working.


Do not forget about your batteries and make sure it is full charged. If it is not charged, always bring your charger with you. You should also consider extra batteries in case of emergency.


Though it is not advisable to overshoot, there are times that you overshoot especially if you are still starting. When you are starting, you are too excited that you consume lots of tapes but only a few scenes worth editing. Regardless, you should enjoy every moment.

If you want to be the best in the field of wedding videography, you should learn how to be a good editor. Raw videos should first be processed and arranged. Weddings are full of emotion and capturing all emotions in a small tape is very challenging. The couples will surely love your good work.