5 Ways to Push Yourself to Become a Morning Gym Person

We know—bed is greater than the gym, especially in the morning. But if you’re in desperate need to bring your beach bod back, you have to make time to hit the gym. You can squeeze in an hour workout after work, but wouldn’t you rather to go straight home and sink into the comfort of your couch and watch netflix?

That’s one of the major reasons why morning workouts are preferable by many. If you often skip the gym because you’re just too tired to exercise after work, here are some ways to help you stay on your fitness track and become a morning gym rat instead.

1. Go to Bed Early
Seriously though, have you ever tried going to bed at one in the morning, woke up at six and said ‘I’m ready for a five-mile run today!’ Perhaps, you’ve never had. When looking forward for a morning workout, aim to have seven solid hours of sleep. Trust us, it’ll be easier to pull yourself out of bed and into your sneakers.

2. Prepare Your Gym Kit Before Going to Bed
Some even recommend sleeping in gym clothes. But sports bras are never comfortable in bed. Instead, have your workout clothes ready and your gym must-haves—sweatband, towel, earbuds, toiletries—ready in your gym bag> keep it close to your bed, so it’s one of the first things you’ll see in the morning.

3. Make Your Morning Routine Quicker and Easier
Likewise, make your morning routine quick and easy. Prep your healthy lunch the night before, turn on the coffee maker as soon as you wake up, pack your purse before going to bed—basically, get it together ahead of time so you won’t waste 45 minutes running back and forth t get ready.

4. Keep Windows Curtain-Free
Want to be up as soon as the sun shines? Go curtain-free and let sunshine wake you up in the morning. It’s like a natural alarm clock—as it’s almost impossible to go back to sleep with the light beaming down your face.

5. …Or Set an Alarm and Place It Far From the Bed
If your room faces west or the sunshine has just no way of getting into your room in the morning, set your alarm instead and make sure to place it somewhere far from your bed. When it goes off, you’ll be forced to get up to shut it off.

Morning workout is great. It pumps you up for the day and, most importantly, you won’t have an excuse to skip a session when you feel tired after work or your schedule suddenly changes.