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Choosing a Wedding Reception Dress

In the recent years, many brides in Singapore are choosing two bridal dresses for the big day: one for the ceremony and another for the reception. The gown for the ceremony looks more formal and usually restricts movement, such as mermaid silhouettes and ballgowns. Brides who opt for these ceremony dresses prefer to change into a completely different dress for the reception, so they can dance and move around comfortably.

A bridal studio offers a myriad of options to choose from. If you consider switching into a comfortable reception dress on your wedding day, make sure to keep these tips in mind.

1. Go Short

One great thing about having a second bridal wardrobe is that you can pick a shorter and more comfortable type of dress. Many boutiques in Singapore have collections of short wedding dresses—some are more formal while others look casual. If you’re going for comfort, a halter style with flowing skirt would be a perfect pick. For a more formal choice, you can go for a tube or sweetheart top with fuller skirt.

2. Go Long But Keep it Simple

If you wish to wear a floor-length dress for your reception, ask your bridal boutique for more forgiving silhouettes and dresses made of comfortable materials—think empire waist and sheath dresses. The one thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want your reception dress from the amazing bridal studio in Singapore to outshine your ceremony gown. Beadings and laceworks are fine, but keep them less than your ceremony dress.

3. Have Fun With Colours

Brides don’t always have to wear white. Choosing a coloured reception dress is a new trend that more and more Singapore brides are embracing. For instance, if your wedding colours are purple and pink, choose a cocktail dress in the shades of those colours or a beautiful red dress. An important point to remember, however, is to not choose a colour that matches your bridesmaids. You want to stand out at your reception, not to blend in with the crowd.

4. Let Your Personal Style Shine

Stay true to your style when choosing a ceremony dress and a reception dress. Your style will tie both looks together. For example, if you aim for a fairytale-like wedding, choose regal style dresses. For the ceremony, wear a ballgown or a princess style wedding dress, with intricate beading and off-shoulder sleeves. For your reception dress, pick a sweetheart, A-line, tea-length dress. When both of your dresses reflect your style, the outfit changes will flow seamlessly together.

5. Include Traditional Pieces

If you want a touch of your culture in your wedding, your reception dress can be a great way to represent it. For Singapore brides, you can wear a cheongsam. Choose the shorter style for a more comfortable choice. Another way is to accessorize accordingly if you don’t want to don a traditional dress. Instead of wearing a cheongsam, accessorizing in red and gold would be a tasteful option to keep your culture subtly included in your celebration.

6. Consider Transition Dresses

Some boutiques carry dresses that can be worn in different ways, so make sure to ask your bridal studio for this collection. Some full skirts can be removed to reveal a short dress underneath, long sleeves can be detached to reveal off-shoulder straps, or boleros can be removed to reveal sleeveless or tube top. By wearing a dress with these elements, the transition from ceremony to reception look is automatically cohesive since the body of the dress is retained.

7. Mind the Fabric and the Beading

If your wedding gown displays opulence and elegance, carry this glamorous look into your reception by bringing the exquisite elements from your ceremony gown to your reception dress. For example, if your first dress is adorned with heavy beadwork, ask your bridal boutique consultant for dress options in sheath silhouette with beaded neckline or sash/belt that hints at the opulence of your wedding gown.

When to Change Dresses?

First off, plan things ahead of time. Have the dress, shoes, and jewellery (yes, some brides switch all the accessories, too) all laid out in the master’s room of your reception venue. Designate one or two of your friends (but definitely not three or more) or your wedding planner to help you change. If you bring too many people in the changing area, it might take longer for you to change than necessary.

Ideally, you can change right after the ceremony, before the reception starts. However, some brides choose to change after the first dance or before the party started. If you prefer changing while the reception is going on, make sure not to be gone for more than 10 minutes or your guests will notice you have been gone long enough. Your wedding planner should be able to keep you on schedule and urge you to get back to the party if you’ve been in the changing room for too long.

Having two wedding dresses is a relatively new trend in Singapore weddings, so don’t confine yourself to a certain fashion rule or expectation. Take advantage of this opportunity to spice things up in your wedding day, to be creative with your look and to surprise your guests, and most of all, your groom. But remember, it isn’t necessary to change into another dress. If you love your wedding gown and prefer not to take off the dress you painstakingly put on earlier, you can certainly wear it throughout the night.

Things You Shouldn’t Say to Chronically Tired People


Who wants to be tired all the time? No one wants to be chronically tired but if work is involved, some women can’t help but falling into this trap here in Singapore. This is not good because the body needs rest and in case you still do not get it, the body will shut down on its own one of these days. What’s more annoying is that people around you are rubbing it on your face.

People around you should be more considerate if not compassionate about you. It would be great if they are aware of the things that you do not want to hear. If you notice someone who is chronically tired, here are the words that you should never mention to them:

“Everyone is sleep deprived these past few days”

You see them tired and then you just assume that they are sleep-deprived. You even said “everyone is sleep deprived these past few days”. You have to be careful and not sound like complaining or taking things lightly because to the ears of the chronically tired women, you are plainly annoying and just saying things that you do not know.

“You should try cutting back on your coffee”

You also need to avoid mentioning to a chronically tired woman about cutting back on her coffee. When you have sleepless nights, you will get tired easily and some attribute your lack of sleep to coffee. It just happens that you drink a lot of coffee. When a woman is tired, do not rub it on her face that she should try cutting back on her coffee because it means cutting back the receptors that keeps her alert. You are just making unsolicited advice.

“But you are just exaggerating, right?”

The woman is claiming that she is chronically tired but you still say “but you are just exaggerating, right?” That is a no. Women know the difference of sleep-deprived and chronically tired. All know the difference of exaggeration and merely stating facts.

“You have to get more sleep”

You can help the woman by not constantly bugging her of the things that she missed. She already knows what to do and if you will not help her achieve something, quit asking her to get more sleep. Rest assured she thought of that numerous times.

“Are you eating well?”

You are just concerned and that is good but if you constantly rub it on her face to eat right, you should not bother mentioning food at all unless you have plans of giving her a hearty and healthy meal. She doesn’t need your diet suggestions.

Hacks to Get Rid of Eye Puffiness


Perhaps the most painful thing that you could ever take is getting comments saying that you look older than your age. The worse thing is you think they are right because deep inside you feel tired and old. It is time that you turn these thoughts and remarks into something beautiful. Why don’t you start with your under eye puffiness?

Under eye puffiness is a normal sight here in Singapore. There are times that you can wear it proudly because it means you worked hard but most of the time, under eye puffiness is not a pleasant sight. Feeling fresh is really a struggle these days especially if you see your eyes droopy and tired. The bags are pretty annoying and it is the classic sign of fatigue and stress.

You should not fret. It is not too late to turn it around by restoring your former glory and beauty. There are many handy yet effective ways to get rid of your under eye puffiness or dark circles. Here are some:

  • Get some potato: Most people only know cucumber. It is time that potatoes are introduced. Potatoes can help with diminishing the size of the puffiness. You will see improvements as soon as you get rid of the potato from the eyes. Make sure to refrigerate the potatoes first before slicing it into two. Place the potatoes so it will cover the problem area and then leave it be for at least fifteen to twenty minutes and voila – you will see the difference.

  • Allow some milk: If you noticed that your under eyes are too puffy than normal, you have to consider the help of milk. Make sure it is chilled. In a pan, dip the cotton pads and place it immediately on your eyelids fir twenty to thirty minutes. This can help cool off the eyes.


  • Get some oil: Another regimen that you can use is adding vitamin E to a bowl of water then dipping cotton pads. You should immediately put it on your eyes for twenty to thirty minutes. This can help with the swelling.


  • Tea bags: If you have tea bags, you can use it. You should first chill it by putting it in cold water and putting it in the refrigerator for few minutes. The two tea bags should be placed over your eyes for at least thirty minutes. After that, you can wash your face and eyes using cold water. You will surely feel rejuvenated.


These are just some of the things that you can consider when you think about improving eye puffiness.

A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Best Music School

Given the good number of singing competitions in the world today, vocal training has become a growing industry. In fact, it has also sparked great interests in song writing, singing, and music in general. With the great number of schools in Singapore that’s offering courses in music and singing, how will you be able to choose one that will develop your singing prowess to its fullest? Here are the guidelines for doing just that:

How to Find the Best Music School

1. Research on the Credentials of the School
Knowing more about the music school you’re interested to enrol in is crucial so you’ll have more confidence that the time and money you spend there will not be in vain. Do this by researching on the background of the school, and how long it has been established. This will serve as an indicator of the school’s reputation, stability, and standing in the industry. After all, you wouldn’t want to invest money taking vocal lessons in a school with a bad reputation.

Other than the school itself, do consider checking on the background of its directors as well. Are they more a musician, or do they have a good business background? Knowing these things is important as it affects the vision of the business, as well as the school is managed.

2. Check the School’s Connection to the Music Industry
This will depend on the focus of the music school in question. Some music schools in Singapore focus more on developing the next singing idol, so they’ll likely have more connections with record companies, recording studios, as well as artiste management companies. These schools with reputable singing class in Singapore also likely have their own music publishing house so their students could send their songs to this house, and compete for a place in the next recording album of an artiste.

Other schools, on the other hand, focus on developing world class performers, making they have more connections with performance venues like theatres, concert halls, cafés, and even prestigious art venues in the country. This allows schools to organize concerts and shows for the students so they could start building up their confidence onstage, and be given more exposure.

3. Know the Courses Offered by the School
Knowing what courses is offered by a particular music school will give you an idea of the school’s strengths. For instance, some music schools focus more on giving singing lessons, while other offer programmes in audio engineering, song writing, and more. It’d also do you well to know the credentials of the instructors who will be teaching the relevant courses.

Choosing a school that offers the course that you want will give you a head-start over others in terms of music education, vocal training, and in achieving the results that you want.

What to Consider When Looking for a Music School

1. The Music Degree
One of the most important thing to consider when choosing a music school is the degree it offers. Most schools offer at least two types of music degrees: performance and education. Some offer more specialized degrees like composition, audio engineering, music history, and music therapy. While some focus on arts degree with emphasis on music, involving less intensive ensemble performance and singing lessons.
Choosing a school that offers the degree you want to take will definitely help in honing your musicality so make sure that you enrol to one that provides just that.

2. The Faculty
Another important thing to consider is your potential mentors. Cross-check your degree’s curriculum with the resumes of the vocal coaches to see if they’ll be able to teach based on their experiences, and not just on academic theories. So ensure that you enrol in vocal lessons or classes with coaches who are experienced enough, and with whom you can personally connect and establish a good relationship.

3. The Location
Location is another important consideration in choosing a music school that you’ll be attending. Some schools are located in the heart of the major cities, while some are situated in rural areas. Still, both locations have their own advantages: Schools located in smaller towns have fewer distractions, and lower cost of living. Colleges situated in major cities, on the other hand, offer a more thriving and historic music scene. Plus, there’s also an established partnership between the school and the big names in the music industry.

So consider on what kind of environment you want to learn and get experience from before deciding as to which music school you’ll be enrolling in.

4. The Cost
The cost of studying in a music school is another factor worth considering as you decide on which school best fits your needs. That said, you might be faced with choosing between a prestigious and far-away school that costs a lot, and a lesser-known, nearby college that costs less. Still, there’s no wrong or right choice, only what’s best for you. Oftentimes, getting an expensive education is worth every dollar, but sometimes a cheap education can be as effective in helping you hone your music skills.

But no matter what music school you end up choosing, remember that what you get from them is what you put into them. Every type of education has its own advantages, and it’s now up to you to capitalize on them.

5 Ways on How to Increase Productivity


In handling our businesses or doing our work, it can be challenging to always be efficient, creative and productive. Considering all the distractions and enormous tasks assigned to us, it can be a drag to just finish anything. For busy and workaholic people in Singapore, this is a challenge that seriously needs to be addressed. Here are helpful ways on how to become more productive:

  1. Make a priority list of your tasks. It is important to write down all the tasks that you need to finish. In order to become more organized, arrange them according to your priority or their importance. You need to be able to create a mental picture of the things you need to achieve and translate it to actions. With this list, you can work according to plan.


  1. Take one task at a time. Although multi-tasking can get things done faster, let’s admit the fact that not all people can manage to accommodate multiple tasks at one time. To suggest, you need to focus, slow down and take one task at a time. The objective is to finish your tasks and make it even better than the quality expected. To ensure that, you need to give ample time to work and finish each task with no error.

  1. Shake off the negative vibes. If you want to maximize your full potential and optimize your resources, try to get rid of any form of negativity around you. As much as possible, avoid inhibiting yourself with thoughts of failure or inadequacy. These can greatly affect your way of thinking, thus draining your brain and body even when you haven’t started yet. To shake off those negative vibes, try to breathe in and out to release the tension, think of positive notions and tasks you have accomplished so far, etc.


  1. Fend off procrastination. Procrastination is one of man’s most unhelpful habits. We all have moments when we put off tasks just because we think we need to do something else “more important”, when it truth we’re just being lazy or too afraid to tackle the task ahead. To combat this, you need to seriously focus on the task at hand. Avoid getting too distracted by things that really doesn’t matter or doesn’t contribute to your tasks and project as a whole.


  1. Think forward. You need to think of the final product. If you can, place an output board in front of you in order to remind you of the project you need to finish by the end of your tasks. You need to know the direction that you should follow in order to become more effective and productive.

5 Ways to Clear your Mind

In Singapore and all throughout the world, people are faced with difficulties, roadblocks, unexpected results and basically stress. One way or another let us face the fact that we can’t handle everything but in order to clear our minds and become more relaxed, here are five ways we can do:

  1. Call a friend. Before you cringe and wallow in self-pity, try to talk your friend. Call them or better yet talk to them in person. It’s always nice to have a heart to heart talk with someone whom you know won’t judge you and will be there to support you no matter what. Your friend can help you offload your sentiments and struggles. They can also help ease your anxieties and help clear your mind.


  1. Have your own diary or journal. Writing somehow helps in making you feel better. Once you face a certain obstacle or stressful experience, try to write down what you feel, what happened, what contributed to the said problem, and on what things you can do to solve it. That being said, you can bring this diary or journal anywhere you go so that in every occurrence, you can refer to what you wrote.


  1. Go for a walk or a long run. By walking or running, you can clear your mind from all that is bugging you. You certainly need the fresh air, the pump of blood and perspiration. Do it more often. You can even schedule it during your afternoon breaks. By the end of the day, you will not only feel refreshed but you would also feel calmed and collected. You might even get to find solutions to your problems just by doing these activities.

  1. Unplug from technology. Technology may distract you from stress but it can never let you focus on things that really matter. If you want to clear your mind, unplug yourself from all your gadgets and computers. Give yourself the privilege to contemplate and relax. Hold yourself back, constrain yourself into using anything, try to just lean on your office window and sip a cup of coffee or tea.


  1. Read an interesting book. There’s nothing more entertaining than reading a great book. If you have the time, read as many interesting books as possible. You can’t only escape your stressful day but you can also get inspired with the stories you read. You can either read a novel, a magazine or stories of successful people. Dig in to things that could contribute to your knowledge and imagination.

Keeping Your Engagement Ring Sparkly Through the Years

Like your relationship, your engagement ring is made of strong stuff. Precious metals and gems are difficult to damage, but just like any other good things, they require a little upkeep. Your engagement ring needs to be cleaned not only for aesthetic and hygiene purposes, but because jewelleries are investments and need to be maintained to hold its value. So, how can you make sure that your diamond ring stays sparkly throughout the years?


Keeping Your Ring in Excellent Condition

When to Remove Your Ring

• Remove your ring before doing any household chores. Use of rough equipment and harsh chemicals, such as chlorine and ammonia, can affect the shine and condition of the jewellery.
• Take off your exquisite wedding bands from Ling Jewellery from Singapore before going swimming. Your fingers tend to shrink when exposed in cooler temperature, causing the ring to fall off.
• Remove the ring before applying lotion or any cream and oil products to your hands to avoid build-up that can dull the stone.

How to Maintain Your Ring

• Clean your engagement ring at home at least once a week to keep its brilliance.
• Have your ring inspected by qualified jeweller in Singapore at least twice a year to check for any loose stones and to ensure that the setting is secure.
• Make sure to have any repairs done right away.
How to Safely Store Your Ring
• Keep your ring in the same, safe spot every day to avoid misplacing it.
• Always keep your engagement ring by itself in a box, stored in a safe place, to prevent it from getting scratched by other jewelleries.
• Avoid removing and leaving your ring in vulnerable places, such as bathtubs and sinks, where it can easily get knocked off and lost.

Cleaning Tips

At Home Cleaning

The best way to clean your jewellery at home is to wash it in water-and-liquid-detergent solution. A soft-bristled brush can be used to loosen dirt and build-up, and a lint-free cloth for drying the ring. You can also use store-brought jewellery cleaners for soaking your diamond ring. If cleaning a gold ring, ammonia (in mild solution with three parts water) is excellent for restoring brilliance. However, do not use it on treated diamonds as it can cause the stone to become discoloured or become cloudy.

Professional Cleaning

At least twice a year, have your wedding ring professionally cleaned. Steam cleaners and ultrasonic are some of the most popular choices among jewellers in Singapore. If your diamond is extremely dirty, your jeweller may have to boil it in sulphuric acid, though this is usually a last option. If your ring has serious flaws, like cracks and fractures, make sure that your jeweller is aware as certain cleaning methods can worsen the condition.

The Cleaning Method

If your proposal ring has different types of gem, be sure to choose the right cleaning method that’s suitable for all of them. For instance, pearls are softer than most stones, and can be easily damaged by solutions intended for diamonds. The safest and easiest way out is to return to the jeweller where the ring was bought. Ask about the ring’s cleaning requirements and unique care, and let them do the periodical service of the jewellery.


Proper Ring Storage

• If you don’t frequently wear your engagement ring, wrap it in a soft fabric and then place it in a padded jewellery bag.
• On the other hand, if you wear your ring every single day, keep it in an uncrowded jewellery box every time you take it off. Go through your box and have seldom-worn jewellery stored in a safe deposit box.
• Do not store your diamond ring with other diamond jewelleries—diamonds can easily scratch other diamonds while platinum and gold bands can get easily damaged by other stones.

Maintaining Non-Diamond Rings

• Engagement rings with silver bands tend to tarnish due to oxidation, which happens when the metal gets in contact with oxygen. Over time, a shiny silver band will tarnish, though this can be cleaned easily. Dissolve a small amount of baking soda on a damp cloth or sponge and gently rub it onto the silver band of your engagement ring. Rinse it off with warm water and dry with soft, lint-free cloth.
• For white gold wedding ring, periodic reapplication of rhodium coating is required to maintain its white luster as the brilliance wear off over time.
• Antique engagement rings and art deco rings require delicate handling from a professional who has experience in cleaning older and less sturdy jewelleries. These rings require detailed cleaning to remove dust, dirt, and build-up from its intricate settings and carvings.
• Fine-cultured pearls can last for generations when cared the right way. Cultured pearls must always be free from cosmetics, dirt, perspiration, and perfumes. To clean your pearl ring, simply wipe it with damp cloth. If you wear your pearl ring regularly, we recommend having it cleaned and re-strung by a professional jeweller every couple of years.

No matter what kind of ring you have, regular maintenance is necessary to ensure the jewellery’s longevity and to keep it in its best condition. With careful handling, regular cleaning, and proper storage, your ring will not only remain stunning, but as its monetary and sentimental value grows through the years, its brilliance remains the same as it was first put on your finger.


Make a Unique Gift with an Engraved Hip Flasks

Looking for the best gift for the men close to your heart? One must consider engraved hip flasks. Hip flasks are suitable for males of varying passions, ages, likes and dislikes. You can even get the hip flasks engraved if you prefer custom-made gifts. Hip flasks come with a hint of extravagance, fitting of a occasion.


To the guy you have considered to be simple, there are simple hip flasks on the market. An engraved hip flask also can be available in many colours, you can choose one in line with the recipient’s most-loved colour. If you’re concerned about the size of the hip flask, you can buy small sizes that could be easily slid into one’s pocket or the large types that can fit easily within a backpack.

Hip flasks are good gift options even when there is no event at all. An engraved hip flask also can function as a reminder that you value the individual you are giving the item to. You didn’t pick just any hip flask available for purchase – you have made certain they are having a piece created particularly for that individual.

Uses of Engraved Hip Flasks

The hip flask is known as a fashion accessory for gentlemen. It enables them to bring the drink of their preference in a discreet and at the same time, classy way. That likewise provides them the freedom to drink whenever they like to without having to spend much. It’s essential to follow proper decorum, but, when utilising the flask and sipping from it.


Of course, they cannot drink and drive, for starters, or have alcohol whenever they’re meant to be taking the children for a stroll. When you have confidence that the receiver will use the flask appropriately, then you don’t need to worry about your gift contributing to more harm than good.

Ways to Hold Your Flask

How guys carry the engraved hip flask will add to their outfit’s elegance. Flasks are, typically, curved to suit into the pants pocket found on the hip. It could be stowed in one’s blazer pocket for convenient accessibility. It is beneficial should they like both of their hands free and skip having a bag. The element that must be looked into will be the measurements of the pocket and the type of hip flask that can fit in.

An alternate way to hold a customised flask is by placing it in your pants’ pocket. This location is perfect for hiding the hip flask. Fitted skinny jeans aren’t a good idea as they might not have sufficient space for the flask, and if they do, will turn out being irritating and revealing.

The Best Place to Shop for Hip Flasks Engraved

You’ll find online sellers specialising in engraved hip flasks. You need to check out the website to become familiar with the supplier more before buying something. Look at evaluations to see what the previous shoppers say about the quality of the hip flask and the engraving service. Benefit from free engraving and delivery offers that instantly include your order of a engraved hip flask.


Different Ways to Lose Weight


A lot people are struggling with accepting their outside appearance, especially when they’re a little (or a lot) on the heavy side. It is normal to be conscious of how you look especially when you’re outside the house and even more when people start talking or saying things about you. People can really be hard on themselves, particularly when it concerns their weight.


The Struggle to Lose Weight

It’s great if people feel good about themselves no matter what size they are in. But when insecurity starts, it could really have a big impact on the mental and emotional state of the individual. Without a doubt, excess weight is one of the problems people have to face in their lifetime. And an even bigger problem is how they will be able to lose it. Numerous healthy eating and diet programs are continuously launched and recommended to people who have weight problems.

A lot of people are also motivated to start exercising routinely not just to build their body muscles but to help in losing all those excess weight. Although people are free to go on a diet and enroll themselves in fitness gyms to undergo exercise programs, most are still struggling and finding it hard to lose the weight. And so, diet pills came into the picture as they were advertised to help people in reducing and even controlling their weight.

The Alternative: Diet Pills


For people for whom dieting and exercise can’t help them achieve the weight they want, the solution may lie on diet pills. Singapore diet pills are described as a type of pharmacological agents that helps an individual reduce or even control his weight gain. By altering an essential process in the human body that concerns weight regulation, the drug is able to modify the appetite of the individual or even his normal absorption of the calories from foods he eats.

In different countries around the world, there are specific diet pills only allowed and approved by the FDA to be produced and sold in the local pharmaceutical stores. In Singapore, for instance, diet pills are very popular among the general public, perhaps especially among women. However, these people should be advised on what pills they can and can’t take. Medical officers in the said country are very watchful of the side-effects of pills especially if it could affect the health of their citizens.

Buying Diet Pills Online

If you are looking into making a purchase from an online store selling diet pills, you will certainly need some tips to ensure you have a successful purchasing experience. Although you think it would be easy to purchase pills from an online pharmacy, you may think twice to order the second time around when you received ineffective or low-quality products with the first time.


How to Lose 10 Pounds Without Exercising

One of the hardest challenges you need to face in life is to lose weight. It is so easy to gain those few pounds but to lose them are somehow immutable. However, there are many ways nowadays that can help you out in losing 10 pounds without the need to exercise. According to some health and weight enthusiasts in Singapore, you need to follow these ways in order to finally say goodbye to your extra weight and say hello to the thinner you.


  1. Mood Lighting. Research says that when you dim the lights, you get to eat lesser than you consume when the lights are brighter. There have been a few experiments conducted that you feel more satisfied even if you’ve eaten lesser calories than you usually do. Fluorescent lights are said to help condition your mind to eat more that is why it is used more often on fast food chains and restaurants. To try it out, you can schedule a date night with your partner and have a candle light dinner.


  1. Look forward or fantasize your future meal. When you think of your meal for dinner or for Christmas and other occasions, your mind’s tendency is to anticipate the taste and on how much food you can eat. Until you are on the actual event, you have thought about it so much that usually you eat lesser than you expected. Practice this well in order to control your appetite more.


  1. Keep yourself well-rested. If you are sleep deprived and sleep less than 8 hours a day, you wind up hungrier. For you to eat just the right amount of food every meal, maintain an 8-hour sleeping cycle. If you do not want to increase your appetite and eat more calories than you should, then hit the sack earlier.


  1. Always say “I don’t”. Instead of saying “I can’t”, it is much more helpful and effective if you say “I don’t”. Some experts say if when you condition your mind that you do not eat certain types of foods that are bad for your diet and health, then most probably you would prefer healthier foods to eat. But if you say “I can’t”, your brain will think that it is a form of punishment thus the self-deprivation outlook could trigger you to eat more.


  1. Think Thin. Losing weight is a matter of proper mindset. If you think you’re chubby, very fat or obese, then that would most certainly decrease the odds of reaching your goals into a healthier and thinner you. You might as well think again and this time, think thin.


  1. Look away. Temptations are everywhere. Whether you are watching television or even when you’re just strolling around the mall or streets, you’d see loads of food that are not healthy. As much as possible to avoid further consumption, just look away.


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