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Benefits of Sleeping With Your Clothes Off


After a day’s toil, the body needs sleep more than ever. Sleep is an important part in our life. Sleep is like water – a supplement to live. As much as possible, get a good night’s sleep every day as it can benefit your wellbeing. Getting the right amount of sleep has many health benefits.


However, not all Singaporeans seem to realize the importance of sleep. Many still lack sleep because of many factors and that is not healthy. Not getting enough sleep is serious. For those that enjoy sleep too much, most of them sleep bare. Now you may think that it is kind of uncomfortable but not to these people.

Sleeping bare has benefits that can make a difference at the end of the day. Here are the surprising benefits of sleeping bare:

Sleeping bare is easier

The obvious benefit of sleeping bare is it is easier. When you do not think of the clothes to wear, things will be easier and worry-free. For one you have fewer clothes so you can save money. If that is not enough, you have lesser laundry so it’ll make your weekends more fun.

It is conducive for better sleeping

If you want quality sleep, you should remove all distractions. If the clothe you wear is such a distraction, you should take it all away. If you sleep comfortably, it will lead you to myriad of health benefits and you need that.


It is good for the skin

When you do not wear a thing, the body actually begins to breathe naturally. Your armpits, feet and the private parts will feel lighter. Putting multiple layers of clothes in the body does not allow chance of letting the air out and breathe. Being bare can reduce the chances of acquiring skin diseases.

It can balance melatonin

When you sleep, the environment should be conducive. The environment should be below 70°F when you sleep. This temperature can assist your body when it comes to regulating the melatonin. Melatonin can do wonders and it is essential to your health. Know that when you wear clothes, you are preventing the use of these hormones.

For others, sleeping bare is strange and disturbing but if you just open your eyes to the possibility of its benefits, your nights will be better and more comfortable. If you are not that comfortable bare, at least choose light clothing to allow body to breath and let the air out.


Mastering the Art of Wearing Shorts


With the help of a right styling inspiration, your short shorts can be a wardrobe mainstay in your closet regardless of your body shape and size. Whether you’re pairing them with a blazer and silky blouse for a sexy date night or just wearing them with your favourite shirt and jean jacket, rest assured that there are plenty of ways that you can try to incorporate the following types of shorts into your chosen getup.


  1. Short Shorts

If you’re a long-legged beauty, then short shorts might look extremely short as you wear them. The best way to avoid disapproving stares every time you wear this pair is by wearing them with long layers like jacket or sweater. It’ll keep you warm and you can wrap it around your waist to achieve a purposeful look. Staying around the five-inch inseam marker would also be a good idea if you don’t feel like wearing an extremely short shorts. To measure your inseam, simply place a measuring tape over your thigh and measure down as far as you’d like your shorts to stop.

  1. Bermuda Shorts

If a shorts with a decent length is what you’re looking for, then Bermuda shorts are the best way to go. Most of these pants stop at the knee or mid-thigh area, making it a great way to change up the classic shorts look. If you’re tall, it’s possible to get away with almost any length of Bermuda short. If you’re on the petite side, however, be cautious about wearing certain lengths of Bermuda shorts as it can swallow up your legs. The best style option for you would be those that stop at the mid-thigh.


  1. Low-Rise Shorts

Got an abdomen that’s toned to your liking? Then low-rise shorts might be a good option for you. This style of shorts work well with almost any getup – especially cropped tops, if you’re thinking of showing some skin. If you’re carrying some extra pounds, however, then this style may not be the right option for you as it can cause the ‘muffin top’ effect on your body.

  1. High-Waist Shorts

If your abdomen isn’t as toned as you want it to be, then high-waist shorts are the best option for you as it can quickly hide and smooth out those unwanted fats around your waist. These denim shorts will help in emphasizing a narrow waist and accentuating the shape of your hips. High-waist shorts work by enhancing all the good curves while hiding all the bad ones.

Dressing up your favourite denim shorts isn’t that difficult. All you’ve got to do is be creative in pairing them up with your favourite tops and you’re good to go.


Creative Ways to Earn More Money


Properly handling your finances is an important aspect of living a financially free life. Oftentimes, cutting back on expenses is the only way we see to make ends meet – but it’s no longer the only option these days. Apart from reducing your expenses, earning extra money will also give you the financial freedom that you seek. That said, we’ve listed down some creative ways on how you can earn more money and maintain the current lifestyle that you have.

Man removes cash from wallet

  1. Sell Stuff Through Craigslist

Craigslist is considered as one of the best places to exchange goods and services to earn money. But aside from selling stuff, the site is also considered a great place to get some freebies. Craigslist is actually full of rare gems that you can resell for a decent return. All you’ve got to do is look for free stuff that is currently selling on the site or elsewhere. Some of these items are usually in good shape but if not, simply spruce it up and resell it on Craigslist, a garage sale or a flea market.

  1. Rent Out an Extra Room

If you have a spare room in your home and you want to generate an extra income, consider renting your free space out. If you’ll be travelling a lot this year, then rent out your place to make some money and help you pay for all the expenses on your trips. That sounds like a great way to earn some extra cash while enjoying your travel adventures. Also, don’t worry about the security of your place since security options can be placed on your home to make this earning option less terrifying than most of you think.

  1. Teach Online Classes

Whether you’re already a seasoned professional or still starting out, there is probably something that you’re good at. Even if it’s something that you never got credited for, chances are you have a skill that other people may find valuable. Make use of that skill to earn some extra cash by teaching in Udemy, SkillShare or Teachable.com. You can use these sites as a lucrative way to earn a passive income, and you don’t need to be an expert to take advantage of this option.


  1. Be a Field Agent

No we don’t mean becoming an FBI agent – we’re talking about the Field Agent app. All you’ve got to do is sign up for an account and take on small tasks from different clients in your town. Your task can range from conducting surveys to checking prices at local supermarkets. You also get to choose which task you want to have and get paid based on the assignment.

  1. Join Direct Selling Companies

Direct selling companies like Mary Kay and Avon allow anybody to start their own business for a very low cost. Becoming a sales representative for such companies is one of the easiest ways to earn some money, especially if the product you’re selling is something that you use or love.

Earning money is now easier these days. All you’ve got to do is make use of any skill you have and you’ll surely be able to achieve the financial freedom that you’ve always wanted.


What Can An IT Support Prevent?

Technology today has become a part of our everyday lives. And because of the global modernization, businesses and organizations has adopt and made use of this modern devices to run their systems. Devices like iPads, tablets and laptops are now very much common in every workplace. Linkages are also upgrading to virtual storage and cloud linking. And because of these continuous innovations in Singapore, it is highly needed for every company to have an Information Technology support group to make sure that their system runs perfectly.


Save You A lot from Help Desk Support

By having an IT support company as your partner, you won’t have to contact help desk support which will probably cost you more since you will have to pay them per service charge just to troubleshoot emergency network problems. With an IT support partner like www.dynatech.com.sg in SIngapore, you will pay them the same, fixed and exact amount since the emergency troubleshooting is part of your package deal as business partners. Also, they can solve network or storage problems remotely in case the problem has to be fixed immediately. They can simply connect and access your computer by connecting to the internet. Saved you time and money.

Get Hold of New Technology

The IT groups are the people who are very much knowledgeable of the new operating systems available in the market. New applications, products and software runs through IT experts first for trials. A good IT support company will introduce you to new technology innovations to improve your firm’s system. They will be honest with you and will not try to fool you of making you buy products just for their company to earn money.


Also, your IT support group in Singapore will advise you when you should be replacing your units. You don’t have to replace every single unit you have in your company just to support the latest operating system in the market. There are times that the network backbone is the only thing that has to be replaced than the whole company units. Most companies don’t know this without the advice of IT support professionals.

Take Hold of Unpredictable Network

Your internet connection might be working smoothly as of the moment, but after a few hours or minutes, things can go unmanageably wrong. It can cause delays and hassles to your work if the problem is left unsolved. This is when IT experts are highly needed. They solve problems that typical office IT staffs can’t handle. These experts provide in-depth support that prevents vast amount of technology and network interruption. It lightens issues that might have caused the device failure. The ability of these specialists is extremely vital to keep your operations running.


Where to Find Cheap Camper Vans in Singapore


Are you looking for a cheap camper van hire? If you are, then you are on the right path! This article will mainly focus on where and how you can rent a camper van at an economical price. If you are looking for ways on how to rent your own camper van instead, then this article will still be a lot of help. Read the entire article and be amazed on how you can use a camper van without buying it and how you can make money with it if you own one.


Hiring Motorhome in Singapore

It is common to see people who would love to hire motorhome Singapore vans. It is because many people in Singapore are very enthusiastic when it comes to travelling and road trips. They love road trips simply because it is a lot cheaper than travelling back and forth to different places by flying. With motorhome vans, they can transfer from one city to another without having the need to buy even a single flying ticket.

Hiring motorhome vans in Singapore has become very popular because many people are now into using motorhome vans to make sure they will have an inexpensive yet comfortable trip. There are a lot of companies and websites that let you choose from different motorhome vans available on your preferred dates of travel. The best thing is that you can choose from hundreds of camper vans available in Singapore.


Where to Rent Cheap Motorhome?

People will always prefer cheap motorhome hire service over the expensive ones. Remember that it is natural for people to want to save money. They won’t get a service that is a lot more expensive than the other one when they only offer the same things.

If you want to a cheap motorhome hire service, it is best for you to browse the internet. The internet will give you a long list of websites that display motorhome vans available for hire. All you have to do is to compare the prices of the motorhome vans. You can check them one by one since it is very easy to do. It is all thanks to the internet that you no longer have to drive from one company store to another just to inquire for the prices of their motorhome vans.

Rent Your Motorhome to Others

If you have your own motorhome and you are not using it most of the time, it is best for you to let others rent it out. In that way, you will earn extra cash that you can use for your camper van’s repair and maintenance needs. There are a lot of companies or websites that will allow you to advertise your motorhome van in an exchange of commission every time your van gets rented out by other people through the advertisement.


Using Custom Printed Envelopes for Your Business


With the various developments in the packaging industry, it makes it possible for both people and companies to find the right type and style of envelopes they should use for their personal and business mailing purposes. From being a hollowed-out clay sphere used back then for financial transactions to red paper envelopes in China, and it is now one of the most flourishing business when it comes to office supplies. The addition of printed envelopes in the line-up of postal packaging products within the world of packaging is certainly one of the greatest improvements.


Why is the printed envelope very valuable today for most businesses? Why is it important for a company? Why is it a must for companies to employ such direct mail tactic for their marketing techniques?

Well, it’s a fact that we all know of the fierce competition amongst businesses selling the same products and promoting the same services with just a little distinction. To stand out among the rest, companies need to develop various marketing strategies in order to grab the attention of potential customers and retain their existing clients. With numerous strategies you can use, one of the simplest yet very effective advertising technique used by companies for direct mails is the custom printed envelopes. This type of envelope may considered as simple and really basic yet it can create a lasting impression about your company.

If you really want to customize your envelopes by having custom designs printed on it and fill it with eye-catching graphics then you will be getting these valuable gains for your company.

Your company gains a professional-looking postal packaging item.premium-uncoated-smooth-white-envelopes-818

When you have a custom printed envelope, you are able to achieve a container for letters and documents that looks professional. You have the option of designing an envelope you can use for official mailing purposes and another one for promotions. However, the great thing about printed envelopes is that the recipient will be able to create an impression about the professionalism of your company. It is a great advantage because it’s a plus point for the company.

Your company is able to create an impression to the recipient.

The intention for all the marketing efforts used by the company is to make an impression to the recipient or the potential and existing customers. What is the impression created by a company sending a letter to their desired recipients? The recipient may feel important because for him to suddenly receive a letter from a company means that the latter took the time to research him and his address to send a promotional item. It creates a lasting impression that will be vital for the company in the end.

Your company can get lost mail because your name and logo is printed.

In the event that your company sends a bunch of letters to different recipients but some got lost or the recipient is no longer residing in the address, it will be easy for the courier to send it back to your address. It decreases the increasing number of lost mails and can then be resent to other recipients with the right address. Indeed, a postal packaging product that has customized designs provide a lot of gains to the companies.


Wireless VoIP—The WiMAX and VoIP Tandem

WiMAX, which stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, is a wireless wide area network (WAN) that provides the same coverage as DSL, but without the wires. It provides Internet connection to computers in the same way GSM gives connection to mobile phones, making it a much more convenient and favourable replacement for conventional telephone lines.


WiMAX’s Potential for VoIP

Wired Internet connections, like DSL, give broadband access, but besides being fixed it cannot reach certain areas and are much more expensive. On the other hand, WiFi, the most widely used wireless Internet technology today, has very limited scope; plus, it’s not easy to look for a WiFi hotspot. WiMAX comes into the picture as a solution to the misses of the two connections. Unlike PaBX, WiMAX provides quality broadband accessibility and has impressively high penetrability that the microwaves it emits can reach every corner and space of its coverage area. This suggests that WiMAX’s capabilities could be the most suitable platform for Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in Singapore.

WiMAX Connectivity Opportunity

Voice-over IP, unlike the older PaBX system technology, is a communication technology that gets more useful and cost-efficient when users are on the move. This is why the industry is constantly on the hunt for more reliable wireless platforms that could accommodate the traffic between mobile devices, laptops, and computers. Up to now, this remains a challenge and that’s why people usually upgrade to cloud PABX phone system from Singapore for better technology. Users often stay away from using their 3G data plans because of the cost that comes with it, and prefer looking for WiFi hotspots to make calls.
With WiMAX, users are ensured that they are connected 24/7 and access to Internet is constant whether in and out of home. People can easily make cheap or even free voice-over IP calls through their mobile phones and laptops while on the move.


WiMAX’s Downside

If WiMAX is deemed great for voice-over IP technology that is maybe better than PBX phone systems, then why is it that it doesn’t shine together with the new communication technology? The most obvious reason is the very limited consideration that hardware manufacturers give to WiMAX. Only a few laptops, computers, and mobile handsets are WiMAX-ready. However, it is expected to see more of WiMAX-ready gadgets as Nokia and Intel have recently showed their intentions in integrating this cutting edge technology into their products.

WiMAX modems exist in the market as well, which could be used as interface devices. However, due to its size and the necessity to be powered, the modem is a hindrance to mobility. Another downside of WiMAX is the lack of logistic support on the management and the software. Many WiMAX providers try to cut on resources and save on antenna and server hardware. As a result, the inadequate antenna density per unit area, bandwidth, and server power to be shares, users will experience relatively poor connection speed and performance. A quality WiMAX connection should always be accompanied with adequate facilities, good network management, and ample bandwidth, plus quality service.

Using VoIP with WiMAX

To use your VoIP Singapore with WiMAX, make sure that you’re in an area where there are WiMAX networks available. To know whether you’re living in a WiMAX-accessible area, take a look at the List of WiMAX networks at Wikipedia, which enumerates the countries with WiMAX and the WiMAX networks available.

Next thing is to ensure you have all the necessary hardware. If you want a WiMAX-ready mobile phone, it might be challenging to look for an affordable one; or you can use a free modem from your WiMAX service provider, which will be returned at the end of the contract, to access the Internet through your non-WiMAX-ready device.

Once you’re connected to a WiMAX connection, you can use the many different voice-over IP services to make cheap or free calls locally or internationally. The type of service you will use depends primarily on how you will be using the WiMAX, whether mobile or residential.


6 Things Every 20s Should Spend Time On

Our 20s fly by fast, and we definitely want to make sure that we did the decade some justice. Are you where you’re supposed to be? Did you worry about the right things? The best way to prepare for these questions, and answer them the best way you can, is to ensure that you spend time on what truly matters and what will help you in the future. So if you’re wondering what things to invest some time in, here are some of it.


  1. Creating Connections

Forming a solid mainstay of people exposes you to more opportunities, and increases your potential for success both in your career and personal life. So start building connections as early as possible, because you’ll never know when you’ll need them. Remember, your 20s is all about utilizing what you have today, and structuring your future.

  1. Nurturing Your Body

Exercising, washing your face at night, and applying sunscreen may not be on top of your priority list, but it should be. General healthcare is something you’ll be glad you considered doing in your 20s later in your life. After all, you won’t be able to replace or trade in your body. That is your body, and you will live in it for the rest of your life.

  1. Nourishing Your Mental Health and Well-Being

 Although physical health is important, investing some time to nourish your mind should also be done. Challenge it, and be conscious of what you’re exposing your mind to daily. Our mind, just like anything else, has the characteristics of a muscle: You use it, or you lose it – and as long as you’re using it, it’ll remain fit and healthy.

Fitness Class

  1. Furthering Your Education

Education is one of the invaluable resources you’re unlikely to every regret having. Money and time is well spent when it’s used to broaden your knowledge, especially if you’re honing skills essential to your career path. Try out different things, and find where your passion truly lies. Once you’ve found it, find ways to make a career out of doing it, and if you need to further your education to achieve it, do it.

  1. Establishing Meaningful Relationships

Your 20s is the perfect time to drop fair-weather friends, and make time for those who will really stick around. As you mature, so should your relationships. So stop wasting time on people who will be harmful than helpful in your pursuit of reaching your goals.

  1. Travelling

This is the time where you’re full of energy, and have the mobility to indulge your wanderlust. Although it may require some money, do it. Experience new countries, cultures, and challenges. You’ll surely learn things that you can take with you, and apply to your life as you return home.

Spending time and money on things that really matter is the best way to spend your 20s. So start investing on the aforementioned things now, and see how it’ll be beneficial both for you career and personal life.

A Guide to Boosting Your Confidence before Your Job Interview

Landing your dream job is tough, but acing an interview is tougher – both requires perseverance and an indomitable will. But aside from these, you need a good strategy to successfully win over your interviewer. These are the reasons why it pays to be prepared for an interview for a job. Don’t let the anxiety and terror of undergoing an interview take over you. Instead, boost your self-esteem using the following tips.


  1. Gain Control Over Your Nervous Tics

Whether its nail biting or feet tapping against the floor, we all give in to our nervous tics when faced with circumstances that threaten our comfort. So before leaving your house for an interview, ensure that you get your tics under control. You certainly wouldn’t want to end up doing them in front of your potential employer.

  1. Avoid Overthinking

It’s only natural to imagine and overthink the result of your interview when you have no idea what will be its outcome. But instead of doing this, pull yourself back together and regain your confidence. Also, learn to embrace the fact that you’ll never know how worse the interview could get, and whether or not you’ll land the job later on.

  1. Listen to an Upbeat Music

On your way to your interview, make sure that you listen to an energy-boosting music. Sing along to the song as you drive to help you release some tension. Doing so will help in the circulation of your blood so you’ll be more alert throughout the interview.


  1. Practice Answering Interview Questions Aloud

Knowing that you’re walking into an interview informed about the company, the responsibilities of the position you’re applying for, and anything else you’ll likely be asked instantly boosts your self-confidence. So prepare yourself for this by rehearsing your answers aloud prior to your interview. Have a family member or a friend act as your interviewer, and ask them to give a constructive feedback afterwards.

  1. Imagine Acing the Interview and Getting the Job

Close your eyes for several minutes, and imagine yourself confidently answering the interview questions thrown at you. Think of how the interviewer is focused on you, and how well you present yourself. Finally, imagine yourself shaking the hand of your potential employer as he or she offers you your dream job. Doing all these will guarantee an instant self-confidence boost.

Although interviews are done to assess a person’s character and skill, remember that it’s not a comprehensive picture of who you are and what you can achieve. So whatever the outcome of interview is, leave the room with your head held high especially if you gave it your best shot.


Facts About Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting is a fat reduction treatment that uses cryolipolysis technology to reduce fat cells in certain parts of the body. Essentially, the procedure makes use of a cooling mechanism on targeted areas to eradicate fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissues and the skin.


This procedure is proven safe and effective in getting rid of excess fat in smaller areas like the lower belly, love handles, bra area, and thighs, but not ideal for larger areas like the buttocks, upper back, and stomach area. Want to know more about this revolutionary procedure? Here are some facts:

1. It’s a straightforward procedure.

This procedure is fast and straightforward. Your medical practitioner will first evaluate which parts of your body need to be treated. At Astique Clinic, many have commented that in Singapore, the Astique coolsculpting experience was great, hence there is no need to fear. Once your doctor has identified the target areas, a gel pad is applied to protect the skin, and then the fat is suctioned into the coolsculpting applicator, which comes in three sizes to fit different body parts. Then, the targeted area becomes numb due to coldness of temperature. After an hour, the area is released from the suction and massaged by the doctor until the lumpy texture of the skin disappears.

2. It targets only the fat cells.

This non-invasive procedure targets and destroys only the fat cells and leaves the surrounding tissue unharmed during the process. Other fat reduction processes, such as radio-frequency, focused ultrasound, and other laser treatments, also destroy fat cells but can also affect nearby tissues in any way that’s comparable to coolsculpting in Singapore.

3. It is suitable for everyone.

Regardless of gender, age, body type, and ethnicity, anyone can be a candidate for this procedure. Patients 18 years old and below need to secure referral from a doctor; an accompanying parent is also required during the consultation.

4. It removes 20 to 30 percent fat—for good.

Although coolsculpting can only remove 20 to 30 percent of fat cells in an area, it removes them for good, meaning destroyed cells don’t grow and accumulate fat deposits again. However, this doesn’t mean that the treated area can no longer bulge again as the remaining fat cells can still accumulate more fat and bloat the area once more. To maintain results, healthy diet and regular exercise is necessary.

5. It requires no downtime.

Because this is a non-surgical procedure, there’s no need for recovery period. This means as soon as the treatment has concluded, you can return to your normal, daily routine. Sure, the treated area(s) will feel sore after the treatment, but it should feel better in a couple of hours. Though be sure to follow your doctor’s post-treatment instructions as some symptoms can last for weeks.


6. It provides gradual fat loss.

As mentioned, this treatment can make you lose 20 to 30 percent fat in the targeted area. Fat loss will be gradual—not instant. You’ll see noticeable results in a matter of weeks and full results in three to five months. However, those who are not conscious with their diet and gained weight during the post-treatment period may not see significant results after a couple of months. To achieve desired result, watch your diet and do regular exercises.

7. It only has minor side effects.

The side effects of coolsculpting are not as bothersome as its surgical counterpart. Apart from minor and temporary inflammation, soreness, and occasional skin sensitivity, some Singapore patients report pins and needles sensation in the days following the treatment.

8. It’s mild, but not 100% pain-free.

Despite the minimal side effects and being non-surgical, this fat-reduction method is not 100% pain free. The first couple of minutes into the procedure are the most uncomfortable. The applicator vacuums the fatty skin before putting it to intense cold. For some, the sucking motion feels uncomfortable and the cooling action feels a bit tingly.

9. It is quick and discreet.

Since it is an outpatient procedure and takes only an hour to complete, no one will notice you’ve had the treatment done unless you decide to tell them. This can be very beneficial especially to high-profile personalities who wish to be discreet about going through a fat-reduction procedure.

10. It is the only one of its kind.

Coolsculpting is the only FDA-approved fat-reduction treatment with built-in freeze-detect technology. This one-of-a-kind feature prevents damage to the skin and other injuries associated with imitation devices in the market that claim to be “just like coolscupting.” These copycat devices have caused injuries including severe burns, which require surgical treatment on the affected skin.

11. It’s not a substitute for liposuction.

For those problem areas with overly thick fat that the coolsculpting applicator is unable to work on, liposuction is the ideal treatment to go for. Traditional liposuction effectively works on broader areas and gives instant result after the treatment, unlike coolsculpting which can only do smaller areas and takes months to achieve final result. If you are someone who wishes to remove significant amount of fat from your body, liposuction can give you your desired results; while those who are close to their ideal weight can benefit from the subtle process of coolsculpting.

This non-surgical procedure has made a great impact in the world of cosmetic medicine in Singapore. Apart from its ability to specifically target fat cells, its non-invasive process appealed and gained popularity among people due to the safety it provides. Not having the need to undergo extensive surgery significantly minimizes the possibility of experiencing side effects and serious complications.


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