A Guide to Securing Your Work Permit

Singapore is the land of opportunity. Many foreign workers eye Singapore because of its affluence. If you are eyeing for Singapore, you should comply with the government’s requirements so you can work without expecting trouble. You need to file your application for WP (Work Permit) or S Passes and then wait for the message saying that you can come back to Singapore and work. pic31 - Copy

MOM (Ministry of Manpower) is reminding the foreign workers to comply all requirements and never attempt to evade it. If you attempt to evade it, you will be deported or worse, you will be banned from Singapore. It is better to follow the rules and regulations to be safe. If you are really serious in working here, you should familiarize yourself with the WP or S Passes application process. Here are the steps for applying online:

  • Step 1: The first step is to register to a WP Online account. You can go to the online portal especially designed to take WP transactions. You need CSN (CPF Submission Number) and SingPass when you register to the account. You need to pay S$30 upon the submission of the WP application. Payments can be made thru Visa/MasterCard and other debit cards.
  • Step 2: The processing of WP application only takes a day and it can be retrieved online. Upon the approval of the WP, there are conditions that you need to accomplish. After that, you need to register your address to MOM and then request for your issuance online.
  • Step 3: After the issuance of your WP, you need to register to MOM. You need to bring documents (such as passport, notification letter, appointment letter and other supporting documents) during your registration. The card will be delivered after 4 days of the registration.   singapore-work-visa-employment-pass

If you preferred to apply manually, you are free to do it. There are also steps that you should take to be successful. Here are the steps for applying manually:

  • Step 1: You need to fill the application form. If you are done with it, you can submit it to SingPost. You need to pay S$30 for the processing. Do not worry because SingPost is appointed by MOM to collect WP application.
  • Step 2: The applicant should wait for 7 (working) days. The result will be mailed directly to their employer. If the application is approved, the applicant should fulfil some conditions. The issuance forms will also be mailed directly to the employer.
  • Step 3: You should to register to MOM. Do not forget about your documents (such as passport, notification letter, appointment letter, etc.) during your registration. The card will be delivered after 4 days of the registration.

Hopefully this can help you with your endeavours. Good luck!

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