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Promoting Recycling in Your Home

Recycling and conserving energy commence at home. If the household implements a strict recycling or energy conservation scheme, it will surely impact the society in time. The important thing is that parents should teach their children how important it is to reduce the waste and conserve energy at the same time.

If you want change, you must begin in the household and work your way up. If you don’t know where to begin, the SEC (Singapore Environment Council) can help you. Here’s some idea you can implement to lessen if not totally eliminate waste and conserving energy:


Recycled Paper and Cartridges

If you have school projects, don’t hesitate to use recycled papers. You can use both sides of the paper to maximize it. If you need to scribble few things, you can just write it instead of printing it. You can save ink and paper if you do that. If your ink cartridges are fine, don’t change it.

Save Energy

Saving energy is the crucial part. It is now important to limit the use of some appliances because it adds to carbon emissions. If you purchase appliances, look for energy efficiency labels. If you are not using an appliance, it is better to unplug it instead of leaving it under standby mode. Switch off your lights when not in use and look for energy-efficient bulbs or the compact fluorescent bulbs.

Save Water

There are many ways you can save water. Start by turning off the tap when brushing the teeth. You can also consider recycling the water from bathing to flush the toilet. If you are taking a bath, avoid overdoing it.

Sort Garbage

You should start sorting your garbage according to its nature- biodegradable and non-biodegradable. For biodegradable items, you can create a composting bin in the backyard. For non-biodegradable items like plastics, metals and plastics, you can donate it or exchange it for cash.

Grow Plants

Plants can improve air quality. If you have extra space in your backyard, it is better to grow plants.

Take a Look at Singapore’s Top Property Developers

CIMB Singapore (an investment bank) released a list of Singapore’s most valuable property developers. The ranks are determined according to market capitalization and market share. Here’s a look:


1.   CapitaLand – CapitaLand is the leading property developer in Singapore but third in the whole of Asia. Its market capitalization is US$11.10m with a market share of 20.7. The original focus of the company is development in Singapore and China but it expanded to Australia and Europe.

2.   Global Logistics Properties – GLP is known for its large and efficient logistics network. It is present in 33 major cities in China, Japan and of course Singapore. Its market capitalization is US$10.4m with a market share of 18.

3.   City Developments Limited – CDL is involved in various real estate development and investment with hotels and management facilities. Its market capitalization is US$8.2m with a market share of 14.3.

4.   CapitaMalls Asia – CapitaMalls has incorporated shopping mall business, real estate and asset management. Its market capitalization is US$6.1m with a market share of 10.7.

5.   Keppel Land – Keppel has various interests in marine, property investment and infrastructure. Its market capitalization is US$4.9m with market share of 8.5.

6.   UOL Group – UOL has various residential apartments, offices, malls, hotels, spas and restaurants. Its market capitalization is US$4.3m with market share of 7.5.

7.   Singapore Land – SingLand has office spaces, retail spaces, hotels, shopping, etc. Its market capitalization is US$3.04 with market share of 5.3.

8.   Overseas Union Enterprises – OUE has residential and hotel developments. Its market capitalization is US$2.24m with market share of 3.9.

9.   Wheelock Properties – Wheelock has several properties like Sea View, The Cosmopolitan, Ardmore II, Orchard View, Ardmore 3, etc. Its market capitalization is US$1.9m with market share of 3.2.

10.   Bukit Sembawang Estates – Bukit Sembawang Estates focuses on property related activities. Its market capitalization is US$1.5m with market share of 2.6.

Consumer Confidence in Singapore is Looking Good

As determined by the latest Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) study, the consumer confidence in Singapore for the first quarter of 2013 is stable. In the first quarter of 2013, the CCI was at 96 points-one point higher than the previous quarter. So far, Singapore ranks 8th amongst 14 Asia Pacific economies (based on consumer confidence) leaving Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan and Korea behind. With 122 points, Indonesia ranks the first in Asia in terms of consumer confidence. The studies were done by Nielsen Company, an international information and measurement company. The Consumer Confidence Index is developed based on:


Job market

Job market refers to the avenue of employers searching for potential employees and employees searching for prospective jobs. The market will develop or contract depending on factors like labour demand and supply. Higher CCI will be achieved if people are optimistic about job prospects.

Status of personal finances

Personal finance involves financial decisions of an individual or family. It encompasses obtaining of money, budgeting, saving and spending it. There are many services offered to give assistance in terms managing personal finances. Services include bank programs (savings, checking and credit cards), investment (in the form of stocks, bonds and mutual funds), insurance (like health and life insurance) and other sponsored programs (retirement plans and social security). Good outlook in terms of personal finances means higher CCI points.


Readiness to spend

More spare cash means two things- readiness to spend or willingness to save and invest it. There are people that are keen about buying things they need and want while there are others that are adept at investing their money.

Big Stars to Perform in Singapore for Social Star Awards

Good news for music enthusiasts- Psy, Aerosmith, Ceelo Green and Blush will perform in Singapore for the launching of their Social Star Awards (May 23) and Singapore Social Concerts (May 24-25). Psy, Ceelo Green and Blush will perform on May 23 and 24. Aerosmith will perform on May 25. On May 23, the concert will be held at Marina Bay Sands and on May 24-25, the concert will be at the Gardens by the Bay. Remember those dates and venues.

To know more about the performers, you can refer to this:



Aerosmith is considered as the America’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band. They were formed in Boston Massachusetts in 1970. Band members include Joe Perry (guitars), Tom Hamilton (bassist), Joey Kramer (drummer), Brad Whitford (guitars) and Steven Tyler (vocalist). Their albums include Aerosmith, Get Your Wings, Toys in the Attic, Rocks, Draw the Line, Night in the Ruts, Rock in a Hard Place, Done with Mirrors, Permanent Vacation, Pump, Get a Grip, Nine Lives, Just Push Play, Honkin on Bobo and Music from Another Dimension. Famous songs are Dream On, Sweet Emotion, Walk this Way, Home Tonight, I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing and many more.



Psy is a Korean singer, dancer, composer, producer and TV star. He is known locally for his humour. He became an international hit following his single “Gangnam Style”. He is the first artist to exceed the 1 billion views in YouTube.

Ceelo Green


Ceelo Green is an American singer, composer, rapper, producer and actor. He received five Grammy awards for his works.



Blush is a girl group with five members from the Philippines, India, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea. To date, they released two singles and performed along with various artists like Far East Movement, Justin Beiber, Jessie J and Black Eyed Peas.

Why Not Gardening?

There are times that we have nothing to do but bum around. If we want to utilize our time well and be productive, there are many things that we can consider. Perhaps we can try gardening. Gardening is a fun activity because aside from helping Mother Nature (by cultivating flowers or vegetables), we can also profit from it. If we have a “green thumb”, why waste it?

There are many reasons why people are drawn to gardening. Some consider gardening as a hobby or a leisure activity. There are others that consider it as a profession and there are some that only want to plant fruits or vegetables to ensure the safety and reliability of what they are eating. Whatever our reasons are, we should be patient as we learn the craft. Here’s a guide:


Prepare your tools

Since we are not planning to produce large quantities, hand or manual tools like spades, rakes, hoes and mowers should be present.

Preparing or understanding your soil

If we have healthy soil, we have healthy plants. Plants obtain everything they need in the soil. There are many ways to ensure that our soil is healthy, we can start by putting organic or synthetic fertilizers. Earthworms are important in the soil as well so when we see them, it is best to leave them.


We should know if our soil is acidic or not. To know this, we need to check their pH level. Plants absorb the nutrients best in a soil with pH of 6.5 to 7.5.

Select your plants

Gardeners know that plants are different when it comes to their tolerance to the climate. So our choice of plant should depend on our location and climate.

Controlling pests

After planting, we will face another challenge. We should think of the weeds, pests and possible diseases our plants may get. It is time to consider herbicide, pesticide and fungicide.