Safety Measures to Follow After LASIK

Generally, after a laser eye surgery people wait for the time that it will be healed. However, there are times that people do not care of what will actually happen after the surgery. All they know is that the surgery is successful and in time, they’ll be all right but in fact, it will not happen because overdoing something especially with regards to the eyes is not good. Concrete examples of overdoing you eyes are usage of computer for long hours, playing videos games or watching movies or television ‘til dawn and short period of sleep. These habits may overdo your eyes which lead to damage and worse thing that may happen is blindness.


Lasik is known to repair damages particularly in the eyes. Common eye problems such as astigmatism, farsightedness, nearsightedness and the like can be corrected by this kind of surgical procedure. After lasik method is done, safety measures should be strictly followed by anyone who undergoes lasik operation up till now. These are some safety measures to avoid any damage or infection that may occur after the surgery:

Don’t drive until the lasik Singapore doctor told you so. Most of the time, after surgery, patients believe that they are already fine but the truth is, they’re not. Actually after the operation, the patients must avoid everything that might overdo the eyes.


  • Avoid water from passing through your eyes day after the surgery.
  • When taking a bath, do not put soap near the eyes so that other elements in the soap that may harm the eyes will be avoided.
  • In Singapore, people know that avoiding from hair sprays and lotion will help the healing process quick.
  • It is recommended by lasik experts to avoid rubbing the eyes after the surgery. If it cannot be avoided, rub it gently and not carelessly.
  • To avoid anything that may go inside the eyes such as dust, wear some protective glasses or perhaps goggles or anything that will covered or prevent any object that may pass through the eyes especially while sleeping.
  • Based on the lasik Singapore forum, a patient is not allowed to pour tap water closer to the eyes after a week of surgery.
  • Avoid any kind of fitness exercises such as jogging, aerobics and the like. There are dangers that the sweat will go to the eyes and there will be times that you can’t avoid to rub your eyes.
  • Most people in Singapore do not put makeup after laser eye surgery. Not only Singaporeans are avoiding it but also people around the world who have the same condition. Also, putting a little makeup or a powder on the face is a no-no because this can cause infection to the eyes which would only worsen the condition.
  • Since Singapore has improved tools to generate the procedure, a lot of lasik Singapore eye centers recommend that avoiding sunlight will help the healing process faster.
  • Going to beaches, lakes and swimming pools is a no-no while the healing process is not completely done.

Better looking every day

Even if you want to, you can’t. You must wait for the perfect time that your eyes heal. Besides you are the one who can benefit from it. And if you cannot do that, there will be a big possibility that you’ll be blind.

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