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Eye Makeup Under $40

On a tight budget but you have to replenish your makeup supply? Or you want to try something new but you only have $40 in your pocket? Or you want to maximize your $40 for a good performing makeup? Well, this is what you’ve been looking for! Here’s (probably) the best eye makeup under $40, from the prep stage to the finishing touches.

Tired of wearing falsies (false eyelashes)? You should get Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara ($ 35.00 for full size [8ml]). It’s not just waterproof, as the name says it, it’s also sweat-proof, so your lashes can easily transition from work to play in no time! It is formulated with collagen and it is free of paraben, sulphate, and phthalates.

Another waterproof product we have is from Tarte. The Kitten Liquid Eyeliner ($ 31.00, 1.4ml in black) is waterproof, smudge-proof (even on oily skin), and it dries quickly, assuring you that you can finish your makeup in time (since there will be no mess) and you wouldn’t look like a panda after a few hours! This is the only eyeliner that I know of that contains glycerin to moisturize the lash area. The cute kitten peeking on the eyeliner cover also caught my attention.

Highlight and Primer
Spent the whole night studying for next day’s exam or cramming that paperwork for tomorrow’s performance report and never get the chance to catch a wink? With these highlighters and primer, you could fool everyone into thinking you actually had a good night’s rest. If you’re a fan of highlighters, you should get Tarte’s Fake Awake Eye Highlight ($ 31.00). It’s a gel-based highlighter so it’s perfect for any skin type. It’s also vegan-friendly.

If you’re not familiar with highlighters, you can use Urban Decay’s Anti-ageing Eyeshadow Primer Potion ($ 38.00 in full size). You can use this alone or put eyeshadow on it (it makes the eyeshadow colours more vibrant than ever). This does not only makes you look awake, but it also decreases the fine lines of your eyelids.

For us girls, our brows are our life. We always make sure our brows are on fleek before we close the door behind us and conquer the day. Zoeva’s Graphic Brow Fix ($ 20.00 for 4.5 ml) perfectly puts brows in place. The good thing about this product is that your brows will look filled and natural. It also lasts the whole day! It’s available in three different shades of brown so there’s a lot to choose from.

Your eye makeup will not be complete without any eyeshadows on. Try Tarte’s Tartelette Flirt Eyeshadow Palette ($ 35.00). It includes six highly pigmented eyeshadows, both in matte and metallic shades. This palette is perfect for a work-to-play smokey eye look.

How to Manage your Allergic Rhinitis when Staying Indoors and Outdoors

Managing your allergic rhinitis takes more than just the avoidance of allergens. A lot of antihistamines sold in Singapore can come to your rescue whenever you need it – but it’s still important to know how you can avoid being at a higher risk of an allergic reaction.

While we are all prone to outdoor exposure from time to time, there are steps you can follow in easing the risk of getting an allergic rhinitis. Whether it’s seasonal or perennial allergic rhinitis, here are some tips you can keep in mind:

On Indoor exposure
• Keep your windows closed. While it’s ideal to let fresh air inside your room often, there’s an increased number of pollens and other allergens that may enter the room the longer you keep the windows open.
• If possible, use air conditioning in your home and car. The AC units filter the air that circulates inside your room/car, and this is highly essential during times of peak pollen season.
• Wash your sheets and beddings frequently. This reduces your potential exposure to dust mites in the bedroom. While these mites are microscopic to be seen by the naked eye, there are some which may be lurking in your duvet, comforters, and pillows without your knowledge. In order to ensure you are safe from the ill-effects they may bring, use hot water in washing your sheets and wash them often.

• Use a dehumidifier. If you have a basement or a damp, humid area in your residential complex – always clean the place and keep the humidity low. If molds are starting to be visible, clean it using detergent and bleach solutions. Consult an allergist about more information regarding the matter.
• Instead of sweeping or dry-dusting the floors, opt to clean it using a mop or a damp rag. This is more efficient in ensuring the floors are free from bacteria and other potential allergens.

On Outdoor exposure
• Stay indoors during seasons of strong winds. Powerful winds can easily blow pollens around, making you prone to an allergic rhinitis. Peak pollen counts happen in the middle of the morning and around early evening.
• Wear protective gear such as sunglasses or glasses when you head outdoors. This effectively minimizes the risk of getting pollen into your eyes – and it also gives your eyes the protection it needs from the sun’s harsh UV rays.

• Minimize the use of window fans that can draw pollens and molds inside your residential area. If possible, totally avoid its usage.
• Do not rub your itchy eyes. Doing so will only irritate them further, and it can also contribute to the further worsening of your symptoms.
• Avoid hanging your clothes to dry outdoors. This makes your clothing prone to any pollen that may cling – especially with your bedsheets and towels.

5 Easy Ways to Manage Allergic Rhinitis Symptoms

Dealing with Allergic Rhinitis can be difficult, especially if you have no idea where to start. For once, you can always opt to avoid allergens – but given their miniscule size, it would be hard to do so. Sometimes, avoiding allergens alone isn’t enough to help ease your symptoms as well. There are other environmental factors and external triggers which may be the reason behind your allergic reaction.

There’s no need for you to panic. The good news is, easing the symptoms of the condition can be as easy as ABC. In order to manage how you deal with an allergic rhinitis better, here are some of the things you can easily do within the comforts of home:

1. Clear nasal passages with saline solution (or salt water).
This is an effective home remedy which is famous for treating a stuffy nose. There are store-brought saline spray available at several drugstores, but you can also easily make one at home. Combine 1 cup of warm water, a pinch of baking soda, and ½ teaspoon of salt. This saline nasal spray is ideally to be used around 3 to 4 times daily.

2. Use a humidifier at home.
In managing mild sinus infections, having a humidifier at home can be a lifesaver at times. The device adds humidity to the air which is good for sinus health. If the air is too dry, sinuses and the clogged mucus in your nose cannot flow properly. The sinuses also won’t drain well as they normally should.

3. Drink plenty of water.
By staying hydrated and drinking plenty of fluids, the mucus buildup in your nasal passages will grow thinner – allowing congested sinuses to easily drain. Drinking more water on the daily, for example, can help relieve the pressure attributed to having a stuffy nose. Other than water, warm beverages are also effective in opening up congested sinuses. If you’re looking for something different, help yourself to steamy cups of tea!

4. Avoid tobacco smoke.
Cigarette smoke is said to affect the lining of your sinuses, and is further notorious for making your sinus membranes to swell. This is considered to be a leading cause of acute/chronic sinusitis. If you’re seeking to relieve the symptoms you’re suffering from an allergic rhinitis, you’re best off staying away from the presence of tobacco smoke. If your friends or colleagues are on a smoke break, allow yourself to enjoy a quick stroll instead. Breathe in the fresh air!

5. Try OTC allergy medicines.
Allergic rhinitis is generally an allergic reaction. In order to ease the symptoms, you can try taking over-the-counter allergy medicines. There are several antihistamines and other allergy drugs which may help you deal with the condition efficiently – such as easing your runny nose, itching, watery eyes, and excessive sneezing. You can also buy them even without a doctor’s prescription.

How to Land Your Dream Job

Okay, let’s say that you’ve just graduated college and have a rather average record, what do you do? Maybe your classmates who performed at the top of the class were already getting letters of different companies trying to get them even before they graduated college.

Maybe you’ve been working for a while but want to get into a better position that has a really competitive hiring system. How do you land a job when the competition is not just steep but also crazy? Although these tops might not be able to help you a hundred percent, at least it’ll get you one foot in the door.

Here are a few ways you can do to increase your chances of getting hired:

1. Tweak your resume
Okay, let’s face it. Not everything on your resume is useful. Unless of course, you don’t have one yet. Well, then maybe it’s time for you to tweak your resume a bit. A great way to improve your resume is to show your involvement with events surrounding your field. For example, if you’re going after a managerial position, being part of some sort of event or seminar that is about leadership would be a great thing to put on your resume! There are so many other things you can do. You can apply for certification courses offered online that have an amazing impact on your resume.

2. Do your research
Research is very important, let’s say that the company likes your resume and calls you for an interview. You have to know everything about them! From the previous CEOs to previous achievements or maybe even future plans, the more you know, the better the impression you’ll make on them. It really helps to know someone inside the company no matter what position. This way, you’ll be able to ask tons of amazing questions that could really boost your chances.

3. Clear up your social media
Oh no! Maybe you have a bit of stench on your social media. We’re not saying you shouldn’t post things you like. We’re just saying that maybe that not-so-in-control picture from last 2014 might surface up and your employer might see it! It’s better to be safe than sorry. Sometimes the employer tends to do a background check on the people they plan to hire and you better make sure that they are going to like the contents of your social media.

4. Brand yourself
The thing about work is that it’s not just them choosing you, it’s also you choosing them. Branding is very important. The moment you step in, you do not want them to think that you are going to be just another employee because of the similarities you have with them. You want to stand out! In fact, you want them to realize what they’re missing. Sell yourself!

Bad Grades Doesn’t Mean Bad Future

Most people let themselves down the moment they get a grade below what they expected. This is only natural. We most certainly react in a negative way once our expectations aren’t reached but the question is, what expectations should we set?

A Wrong Starting Point
Going to school is something that some people look at as a chore or something required of them without realizing the gravity of what it represents. Others have realized the importance of a good grade and have begun to compete for the best. Now, where do you put yourself in the situation? Our educational system mostly highlights people at the top and people at the bottom rather than people who are in the center.

Why is that? Because from the start, we have been built with a mind-set of comparison. What is good and bad? What is light and dark? What looks nice and what doesn’t? So many other comparisons have been made to rank people and sadly, most of us play by their rules. How about you? People at the top of the class are usually offered better opportunities compared to those below them but should this really stop you?

Simply Going to School is Already a Win
You see, not everyone is going through the same journey and though it seems like you are failing compared to your colleagues, you are still gaining for yourself especially because of the fact that you are in school! Why do bad grades happen? Could it be lack of motivation, lack of resources, lack of confidence, or any other reason out there?

The key to fixing the problem is to first find out what the problem actually is. Sometimes criticism is necessary and sometimes it is not, but it is also better to be aware of your mistakes earlier and fixing the problem before it becomes bigger and bigger. Admitting your weakness is the first sign of strength! Of course, you shouldn’t let your weakness remain your weakness forever. You have to learn how to move forward.

Grades Aren’t All That Matters in Life
One of the things in school that give people anxiety is their grades. This usually determines where they end up in life. But this doesn’t have to be the case! You determine where you want to end up in life. We weren’t born with equal circumstances which means we won’t finish equal either. But then again, even if your battle may be harder, this does not give you an excuse to stop trying and fighting for success.

Not everyone makes it at the top but that shouldn’t definitely stop you. Accept the fact that you are at a disadvantage with your grades but if you can change it, by all means do so! For those of you believe that you’ve blown all your chances, believe in something else. Only you can change your mind whether or not you want to succeed.