Promoting Recycling at Your Workplace

The wastes we give off are alarming. We should be aware that if we don’t reduce or minimize it, wastes will occupy most of our space soon. We don’t want that. Governments are now doing their best to at least minimize waste with the use of waste management programs. As citizens, the least that we can do is follow it and educate the people around us.

In Singapore, the SEC (Singapore Environment Council) is persistent to educate the community of the importance of waste management. Recycling is the core principle behind waste management. SEC listed guidelines for locals to follow when they are at their workplace. Take time to read it so you will know. Here’s an overview:


Reduce if not eliminate the use of disposables

You can start by packing your own lunch using your own containers. Avoid takeouts or other packaged foods because you can throw it away after use. You will only increase garbage in the office. If you are hosting an events or functions, avoid using disposables like lunch boxes, cups, etc.

Switch off computer, lights and air conditioner when not in use

When you have long meetings or when you are out, always make sure to switch off your computer units. If lights are not needed, switch it off. Air conditioners should be set to the most advantageous temperature of 25°C to conserve energy.

Carpool or bicycle

If it is really not needed to bring your own car, do air a favour. Minimize carbon emissions by availing of company carpool services or simply commute. If you want to be fit and healthy, you can consider cycling to work.

Recycled paper for printing

Choose recycled paper for printing. Avoid printing unnecessarily and if it can’t be helped, print on both sides to maximize paper.

Set up recycling system

It is important that there is a system in the office that promotes recycling. Employers should be serious about the recycling system so employees will follow it.

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