More Marriages and Babies in 2014  

The government is happy to know that there are more marriages and babies in 2014. According to the National Population and Talent Division (NPTD), the Total Fertility Rate (TFR) here in Singapore increased and this is a good thing. From 1.19 TFR in 2013, TFR increased to 1.25 in 2014.


This increase account to more than 33,000 citizens born in 2014 compared to 31,000 births in 2013. The delivery rooms were busier in 2014 than the previous year. TFR is colloquially called fertility rate. This refers to the average number of children a woman could bear in her lifetime.

NPTD also revealed that that many couples tied the knot in 2014. About 24,000 marriages happened in 2014 which is higher than the previous year. In 2013, there were only 21, 842 marriages. The TFR and the marriages increased because of the availability of flats. Not all people consider marriage and babies for personal reasons.


It is understandable that many couples are afraid of raising children because of economic issues but if child-bearing or marriage is postponed, there will be consequences in the country. We have to make sure that our TFR is not declining because if it is declining over a long time, it may take several generations to change the TFR unless we invite more immigrants.

Let us hope that things get even better this year. Maybe there will be more marriages and babies compared last year. We have to know that the government is helping the couples fulfiLl their aspirations of having a house and children.


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