Going Over the Forms of Art  


Yes, you studied about art in school and yet you seem to forget about it completely. Every day, you encounter art however, you fail to recognize and appreciate it. This is the time that you go over the forms of art and restore your appreciation to it.


Here are the forms of art:

  • Mosaic: Mosaic is a form of art that is created through gluing together glass pieces, small stones and other hard materials to create images. This is a decorative art. In ancient times specifically in Mesopotamia, pebble mosaics (floor mosaics) were famous.
  • Painting: The most common form of art is painting. It employs paint or pigment and other mediums with implements like brush, knives and sponges. You see paintings on surfaces like walls, paper, glass, canvass, wood and the like. One of the most identifiable painting is Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.
  • Drawing: Drawing is another famous form of art. The artists use instruments like color pencils, crayons, graphite pencils, pen, charcoal, chalk and pastels. Anyone can draw that is why it is one of the major forms of expression.


  • Sculpture: Moulding something out of a thing is truly a great talent. If drawing is two-dimensional visual art, sculpture is three-dimensional. Carving is involved. The mediums include stone, ceramics, metal and wood.
  • Pottery: Like sculpture, pottery also involves moulding something. Instead of using mediums like metal, wood and stone, pottery include fired clays. When ceramics and plastics were not available, prehistoric people employ clay bowls.
  • Weaving: Weaving is another art that should not be dismissed lightly. Weaving is intricate the result (like tapestries and rugs) give color, warmth and beauty to your floors and walls.
  • Photography: With the use of camera, capturing photos has been easier and fun. You see photographs every single day be in in your computer, magazines or newspapers.

The purpose of art is not absolute since it offers different functions. Its purpose is hard to confine it in a single concept but it does not mean that art is vague. Art has diverse reasons for being created and whatever that reason, the artists seek to convey it through their works.

You do not need to be an artist or a fine art student to appreciate art. Art is everywhere and whatever blossoms from your hard work, it will be art. If you want to consider expressing yourself, art may be the one. For more inspiration, you can explore art galleries here in Singapore – there are aplenty after all. If you want to do away with the traditional form of art, you can consider new media art forms like computer imagery and video.


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