4 Obvious Signs You’re Not Over Your Ex

Well, it depends how long and serious your relationship was. If you broke up with him because you didn’t like him for a short span of two weeks of being together, then it’s probably not that hard to move on.

However, if it was a relationship you had for years—and something you thought would end up in marriage—it’s a lot harder.

That is why, a lot of times, we think we are over an ex-lover when really we’re still not. Here are 10 signs that prove you’re probably not over your ex yet.

1. You Often Find Yourself Almost Texting Him
For most women, deleting an ex’s number from your contacts is the first step of moving on. But you might memorize it, which defeats the purpose.

How many times have you found yourself writing a long, heartfelt message only to delete it afterwards? Or worse, irrationally send it to him? If you are still thinking about him to the extent of writing a message to him and you feel every bit of emotion of the words you’re writing, it just shows you’ve not moved on yet.

2. You Want Him to “Accidentally” See You
If you’re going to places on purpose because you know it’s his regular hangout place, that’s one obvious sign you’re not over him.

Even if you go to a party where you know he’ll be there with some other guy to try to make him jealous, you’ll just end up being the miserable one when you see him happily socializing with people or even dating someone else. The best thing you can do for yourself is to be busy in your own life and avoid any chance of seeing or bumping into him.

3. You Still Talk About Him a Lot
Right after a break-up, it’s normal to talk about him to your friends. Everyone who has been in a failed relationship goes through a mourning stage. However, if after a few weeks you’re still talking about the same guy to your family, friends or to other guys who show interest in you, it simply means you’re still not over him.
The act of talking about him means you’re thinking about him and you’re clinging so much to the memories of your relationship. Let it all go, and you’ll soon be free.

4. You Always Check His Facebook
This is the most obvious one. Unfriend him or block him if you have to. Do whatever it takes to stop yourself from checking into his social media accounts (yes, including Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter).

Otherwise, you are going to be stalking him and obsessing over his updates looking for signs about how he feels towards you. This will only drive you insane. You’ll be looking at photos of him and wondering whether he’s been seeing someone else.

If any of these signs sounds familiar to you, don’t fret. Just give it time. Just hang in there and it will get better over time.