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How to Lose 10 Pounds Without Exercising

One of the hardest challenges you need to face in life is to lose weight. It is so easy to gain those few pounds but to lose them are somehow immutable. However, there are many ways nowadays that can help you out in losing 10 pounds without the need to exercise. According to some health and weight enthusiasts in Singapore, you need to follow these ways in order to finally say goodbye to your extra weight and say hello to the thinner you.


  1. Mood Lighting. Research says that when you dim the lights, you get to eat lesser than you consume when the lights are brighter. There have been a few experiments conducted that you feel more satisfied even if you’ve eaten lesser calories than you usually do. Fluorescent lights are said to help condition your mind to eat more that is why it is used more often on fast food chains and restaurants. To try it out, you can schedule a date night with your partner and have a candle light dinner.


  1. Look forward or fantasize your future meal. When you think of your meal for dinner or for Christmas and other occasions, your mind’s tendency is to anticipate the taste and on how much food you can eat. Until you are on the actual event, you have thought about it so much that usually you eat lesser than you expected. Practice this well in order to control your appetite more.


  1. Keep yourself well-rested. If you are sleep deprived and sleep less than 8 hours a day, you wind up hungrier. For you to eat just the right amount of food every meal, maintain an 8-hour sleeping cycle. If you do not want to increase your appetite and eat more calories than you should, then hit the sack earlier.


  1. Always say “I don’t”. Instead of saying “I can’t”, it is much more helpful and effective if you say “I don’t”. Some experts say if when you condition your mind that you do not eat certain types of foods that are bad for your diet and health, then most probably you would prefer healthier foods to eat. But if you say “I can’t”, your brain will think that it is a form of punishment thus the self-deprivation outlook could trigger you to eat more.


  1. Think Thin. Losing weight is a matter of proper mindset. If you think you’re chubby, very fat or obese, then that would most certainly decrease the odds of reaching your goals into a healthier and thinner you. You might as well think again and this time, think thin.


  1. Look away. Temptations are everywhere. Whether you are watching television or even when you’re just strolling around the mall or streets, you’d see loads of food that are not healthy. As much as possible to avoid further consumption, just look away.