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How to Get Rid of Plantar Warts

While callus or a thick layer of skin is normal on the parts of the feet that bear the most pressure or weight, sometimes viruses can take advantage of these spots and cause plantar warts. Although the human papillomavirus that causes plantar warts or Verruca plantaris cannot cause life-threatening symptoms, they can be unsightly and cause discomfort for the person.

Talk to a Doctor About the Warts
Look for the following signs before consulting a doctor: rough and granny lesion on your foot, especially the forefeet, heels, and the base of the toes; thick callus or spot on the skin with a wart growing inward; lesions that were not normal parts of the ridges of the bottom of the feet; slight pain and tenderness on the foot; and black dots. The black dots are blood vessels on your feet that have clotted and are called wart seeds. There shouldn’t be any pain on the lesions, but you need to see a doctor immediately if it bleeds and there are noticeable changes in the affected areas. If you have diabetes, you should not ignore the symptoms because they can lead to other complications.

Follow the Treatment Procedure
Plantar warts should disappear after a while even without treatment, but if they cause pain or discomfort, you should seek treatment as soon as possible. You should not try to pick at or scratch the warts to avoid causing complications or spreading the virus. The doctor will tell you to keep your feet dry and clean all the time and to use only clean socks and shoes. The doctor might also trim the warts and dress it until the condition improves. Topical creams or oral medication might also be prescribed depending on the diagnosis. If the warts do not disappear after weeks of treatment, however, the doctor will use other methods to remove them, such as freezing the warts with liquid nitrogen, excising the warts, and laser therapy. Mosaic warts, or clustered warts, for example are more difficult to treat that single warts. In some cases, a biopsy may be required if the doctor suspects that the warts is caused by another condition.

Prevent Transmission of the Virus
The name of the virus might alarm you, but don’t worry, because it is just one of the hundreds of harmless types of HPV that are very common among people. It’s the same virus that causes warts in other parts of the body. It’s not contagious, which means that it cannot be transmitted through direct contact, but you need to keep your environment clean and dry all the time because they thrive in moist and warm locations. Some people are resistant to the virus, but other individuals are more vulnerable if they have weak immune systems, have had plantar warts in the past, or is constantly exposed to the virus because of unhygienic habits. You should never try to remove the warts yourself and be careful when grooming your nails or when filing the warts.

Things You Shouldn’t Say to Chronically Tired People


Who wants to be tired all the time? No one wants to be chronically tired but if work is involved, some women can’t help but falling into this trap here in Singapore. This is not good because the body needs rest and in case you still do not get it, the body will shut down on its own one of these days. What’s more annoying is that people around you are rubbing it on your face.

People around you should be more considerate if not compassionate about you. It would be great if they are aware of the things that you do not want to hear. If you notice someone who is chronically tired, here are the words that you should never mention to them:

“Everyone is sleep deprived these past few days”

You see them tired and then you just assume that they are sleep-deprived. You even said “everyone is sleep deprived these past few days”. You have to be careful and not sound like complaining or taking things lightly because to the ears of the chronically tired women, you are plainly annoying and just saying things that you do not know.

“You should try cutting back on your coffee”

You also need to avoid mentioning to a chronically tired woman about cutting back on her coffee. When you have sleepless nights, you will get tired easily and some attribute your lack of sleep to coffee. It just happens that you drink a lot of coffee. When a woman is tired, do not rub it on her face that she should try cutting back on her coffee because it means cutting back the receptors that keeps her alert. You are just making unsolicited advice.

“But you are just exaggerating, right?”

The woman is claiming that she is chronically tired but you still say “but you are just exaggerating, right?” That is a no. Women know the difference of sleep-deprived and chronically tired. All know the difference of exaggeration and merely stating facts.

“You have to get more sleep”

You can help the woman by not constantly bugging her of the things that she missed. She already knows what to do and if you will not help her achieve something, quit asking her to get more sleep. Rest assured she thought of that numerous times.

“Are you eating well?”

You are just concerned and that is good but if you constantly rub it on her face to eat right, you should not bother mentioning food at all unless you have plans of giving her a hearty and healthy meal. She doesn’t need your diet suggestions.

Benefits of Sleeping With Your Clothes Off


After a day’s toil, the body needs sleep more than ever. Sleep is an important part in our life. Sleep is like water – a supplement to live. As much as possible, get a good night’s sleep every day as it can benefit your wellbeing. Getting the right amount of sleep has many health benefits.


However, not all Singaporeans seem to realize the importance of sleep. Many still lack sleep because of many factors and that is not healthy. Not getting enough sleep is serious. For those that enjoy sleep too much, most of them sleep bare. Now you may think that it is kind of uncomfortable but not to these people.

Sleeping bare has benefits that can make a difference at the end of the day. Here are the surprising benefits of sleeping bare:

Sleeping bare is easier

The obvious benefit of sleeping bare is it is easier. When you do not think of the clothes to wear, things will be easier and worry-free. For one you have fewer clothes so you can save money. If that is not enough, you have lesser laundry so it’ll make your weekends more fun.

It is conducive for better sleeping

If you want quality sleep, you should remove all distractions. If the clothe you wear is such a distraction, you should take it all away. If you sleep comfortably, it will lead you to myriad of health benefits and you need that.


It is good for the skin

When you do not wear a thing, the body actually begins to breathe naturally. Your armpits, feet and the private parts will feel lighter. Putting multiple layers of clothes in the body does not allow chance of letting the air out and breathe. Being bare can reduce the chances of acquiring skin diseases.

It can balance melatonin

When you sleep, the environment should be conducive. The environment should be below 70°F when you sleep. This temperature can assist your body when it comes to regulating the melatonin. Melatonin can do wonders and it is essential to your health. Know that when you wear clothes, you are preventing the use of these hormones.

For others, sleeping bare is strange and disturbing but if you just open your eyes to the possibility of its benefits, your nights will be better and more comfortable. If you are not that comfortable bare, at least choose light clothing to allow body to breath and let the air out.