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Choosing the Right Type of Jeans

When choosing a new pair of jeans, you should be aware of the body type you have. This doesn’t refer to the waistline alone, which should also be kept in mind, but to the structure of your torso. The build is classified into three types; slim, medium and heavy.

Another thing to consider is your height. Taller people look good in most regular and straight leg jeans. Shorter people should consider medium or high rise jeans and straight leg cuts. With those factors in mind, let’s look at the different types of jeans.

Types of Cut

1. Straight Cut has equal leg width from waist to leg openings.
2. Slim Fit was designed to accentuate the thighs and buttocks.
3. Skinny was designed to be tight-fitting from top to bottom so that the shape of the legs can be seen.
4. Relaxed Fit is almost similar to straight cut but is slightly wider at the thighs.
5. Boot Cut was designed to accommodate the wearing of boots that is why the space is wider below the knees.
6. Flare Leg has a wide cut below the knees but fits waist and thighs snugly.
7. Stretch are tight-fitting to create the illusion that the person has toned buttocks and thighs and a flat stomach.
8. Loose Fit accentuates the buttocks and fit the waist snugly but the legs have a straight cut.
9. Capri has leg openings just below the knee. They are longer than shorts.
10. Cropped or Cuffed are longer than capri. Cropped hides three-fourths of the legs while cuffed has folded leg openings.

Types of Rise

Rise refers to the distance between the waist and the crotch of the jeans.
1. Low Rise jeans sits low or below the hips.
2. Medium Rise jeans sits slightly higher on the waist.
3. High-Waisted jeans sits high on the waist and can hide big bellies.

Types of Wash
1. Raw Denim is unwashed, stiff, and dark in color.
2. Acid Wash uses pumice stones and chlorine so that there is a contrast in the color of the fabric.
3. Rinse Wash softens the fabric ad washes off residual dye. Applying starch strengthens the warp.
4. Mid Wash removes more dye in the fabric than rinse wash. The fabric becomes soft and has a light blue color.
5. Light Wash creates a very light blue color because the washing process is longer.
6. Dirty Wash creates a well-worn or distressed jeans. There is a yellow or brown tint.
7. Stone Wash washes dried jeans in a washing machine with volcanic rocks or pumice stone so that the material looks faded.
8. Bleach Wash uses bleaching products to alter the blue shade of the fabric.
9. Black or Grey uses a different dye than the indigo-colored jeans.
10. All-Over Tinting is done to make changes in the indigo hue. Direct dye is used and then fixed.
11. Coated Denim uses a coating of polyurethane to make the fabric last longer.
12. Vintage Finishing has a worn look. The fabric is sprayed with bleach, scraped, and then whiskered.

How to Care for Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are an investment. Precious gems increase in value over time. If you’re planning to sell some of your items in the future, you need to keep them in good condition. Here are the ways to keep your diamonds shiny for years.

Inspect for Damages

Before placing your diamond in a jewelry box, inspect the item for scratches. If the stones are loose, don’t wear the jewelry again until you’ve taken it to a jeweler for repairs. Check the mounting, prongs, setting and the luster of the gem.

Correct Jewelry Box

Any expensive jewelry such as diamonds should be stored in a fabric-lined case. If possible, each piece should be placed separately from the others to prevent damages. Diamonds can scratch other gems when the clasps and chains get tangled. Remember that diamonds are considered the hardest gems so they should be placed separately to protect other gems.

Travel Case

You can place your jewelry in fabric pouches or wrap each one in tissue paper and then place them in a small bag. There are also smaller jewelry boxes made for traveling. Always pick the design with individual compartments.

Avoid Oil and Grease

While diamonds are easy to clean because they’re durable, they could attract grease and oil. Don’t spray on your oil-based perfume while you’re wearing your jewelry. Use the scent before you put your diamonds on. As a general rule, you should apply all cosmetics and body products first before wearing your jewelry.

Take it Off

Don’t use your jewelry while you’re working out, cleaning, or performing any strenuous task. Not only are they distracting but you could damage the stones and the metal with the chemicals from external sources and from your body. Take off your jewelry when you go swimming. You could lose the piece and damage the metals.

Cleaning Diamonds

Diamonds are tough so there is no need to take it to a professional cleaner if you handle it properly. You can soak the jewelry in mild soap and water overnight then wipe with a soft cloth. The problem, however, is how to clean the type of metal used, the setting of the jewelry, and the other gems used in the piece. Avoid using bleach, ammonia-based cleaning solutions, abrasives and strong detergents as a general rule.

Annual Cleaning

If the jewelry isn’t made up of just diamonds, you can take it to a professional jewelry cleaner once a year for thorough cleaning and repairs. There are other options you can do at home besides wiping with cloth or soaking it in soapy water. Ultrasonic cleaners are convenient, but the process could damage other gems and some jewelry settings. Ask your jeweler for recommendations.

Mastering the Art of Wearing Shorts


With the help of a right styling inspiration, your short shorts can be a wardrobe mainstay in your closet regardless of your body shape and size. Whether you’re pairing them with a blazer and silky blouse for a sexy date night or just wearing them with your favourite shirt and jean jacket, rest assured that there are plenty of ways that you can try to incorporate the following types of shorts into your chosen getup.


  1. Short Shorts

If you’re a long-legged beauty, then short shorts might look extremely short as you wear them. The best way to avoid disapproving stares every time you wear this pair is by wearing them with long layers like jacket or sweater. It’ll keep you warm and you can wrap it around your waist to achieve a purposeful look. Staying around the five-inch inseam marker would also be a good idea if you don’t feel like wearing an extremely short shorts. To measure your inseam, simply place a measuring tape over your thigh and measure down as far as you’d like your shorts to stop.

  1. Bermuda Shorts

If a shorts with a decent length is what you’re looking for, then Bermuda shorts are the best way to go. Most of these pants stop at the knee or mid-thigh area, making it a great way to change up the classic shorts look. If you’re tall, it’s possible to get away with almost any length of Bermuda short. If you’re on the petite side, however, be cautious about wearing certain lengths of Bermuda shorts as it can swallow up your legs. The best style option for you would be those that stop at the mid-thigh.


  1. Low-Rise Shorts

Got an abdomen that’s toned to your liking? Then low-rise shorts might be a good option for you. This style of shorts work well with almost any getup – especially cropped tops, if you’re thinking of showing some skin. If you’re carrying some extra pounds, however, then this style may not be the right option for you as it can cause the ‘muffin top’ effect on your body.

  1. High-Waist Shorts

If your abdomen isn’t as toned as you want it to be, then high-waist shorts are the best option for you as it can quickly hide and smooth out those unwanted fats around your waist. These denim shorts will help in emphasizing a narrow waist and accentuating the shape of your hips. High-waist shorts work by enhancing all the good curves while hiding all the bad ones.

Dressing up your favourite denim shorts isn’t that difficult. All you’ve got to do is be creative in pairing them up with your favourite tops and you’re good to go.


Best Basketball Shoes of 2015


Basketball is known to be one of the most popular sports in the world. It is also rising in popularity in Asia even in our own country. Along with the sport, basketball shoes are also becoming more popular as more high profile stars have donned their own signature shoes. With that, here are some of the best basketball shoes released this year.


Nike Kyrie 1

The first edition in the Kyrie Irving’s new line of sneakers with Nike, the Kyrie 1 is both lightweight and a stylish pair for any type of player.

Nike LeBron 12

As Nike’s longest tenured endorser, LeBron has donned several unique pairs in his line of sneakers. The 12th one is as unique as ever as it introduces Nike’s new hexagonal zoom technology that is said to reduce impact and improve mobility alongside a hyperposite body.

Nike Hyperdunk 2014

The Hyperdunk series is one of more popular lines in Nike due to a good combination of cushioning and support that help any high impact playing style.

Nike Zoom HyperRev 2015

The HyperRev line quickly became a favorite among players when it was released in 2014 as it was, as of that date, the lightest sneaker ever. Though there have been major design changes, the 2015 version is still as good as ever with more cushioning and support added.


Under Armour Curry One

When Stephen Curry signed a deal with Under Armour and donned the Anatomix Spawn line, the brand’s basketball shoe line immediately became known worldwide. Now, the reigning MVP sports his own line as the Curry One became a popular pick among quick players due to the shoe’s superior cushioning and traction.

Adidas J Wall 1

2015 has been a year of first pairs for budding superstars in the league. John Wall is another rising star that now sports his own signature line with Adidas. The J Wall 1 is a shoe line built for explosiveness and it provides ample support around the ankle for quick moving and explosive steps.

Nike Kobe X

Even as Kobe Bryant’s career comes to an end, his shoe line just gets better and better. The Kobe X continues the innovation that started with the Kobe IX. It now sports a new traction system that is said to be superior to all other sneakers out there. The Kobe X also comes in low and high cuts as well as in mesh and the lighter Flyknit.