Eating Nutritious

How to Prevent Indigestion This Holiday Season


For many of us, the Christmas season is a time for excesses and indulgences, not least with regards to what we eat. Not surprisingly, cases of indigestion spikes up around this time. Avoid the discomforts of indigestion by following these five tips.


  1. Watch out for harmful compounds. Indigestion is hastened by sulfites, a type of preservatives commonly used in dried fruits and other processed foods, and aspartame, an artificial sweetener most often used in soft drinks and other carbonated drinks. Other commonly added food substances you should avoid are nitrites, nitrates, and monosodium glutamate (MSG).


  1. Drink more water than usual. If you eat more food during the holidays, it’s only reasonable to increase your water intake as well. Proper hydrations is necessary to maintain good bowel movement, plus it will also help prevent headaches from hangovers.


  1. Know your food triggers. Some people are more susceptible to indigestion caused by foods such as tomatoes, onions, milk, coffee, and chili. If you notice experiencing a feeling of bloating and tiredness every time you take any of these (or any other food triggers), make a note to avoid them in the future.


  1. Mind what you eat. The holidays is a busy time but with lots of food available. So not only are people less likely to pay attention to what they eat, the food most commonly available – alcohol, chocolates, and aged foods most notoriously – are not good for the digestive system. If possible, bring a healthy snack you can munch on anytime.


  1. Stock up on fiber. The more we eat, the more we need fiber to regulate our bowel movement and improve our metabolism. Fiber, especially from fruits, vegetables and whole grains, releases digestive enzymes that break down food before it ferments in the digestive tract.


Foods that We Should Keep Away From  


If all foods out there are healthy, then we will have no problems with our diet and wellness. Unfortunately, the world is full of foods that can harm the body. We have to be vigilant and take our greatest resolve to keep away from unhealthy foods.


It is important that we know what foods to avoid before it is too late for us. Here are some of the list of foods that we should keep away from:

  • Processed meats: The first on the list is processed meats. Meats are very tasty but it cannot do us good. According to the recent study released by the World Health Organization, processed meats especially red meats can result to bowel cancer. We have to keep away from hot dogs and hams.
  • Soda: As per the Harvard School of Public Health, soda drinks are not good for the body. Sodas are sugary drinks which gives us 26% of developing type 2 Diabetes. Even diet sodas can harm us. The sodas can also lead to kidney damage and obesity. The best drink is water.


  • Frappucinos: Forbes actually reminded people to stay away from Fraps because it has at least 480 calories.
  • Microwave popcorn: Microwaveable popcorns have perfluorooctanesulfonic acid which can deter fertility and increase risk of cancer. To be safe, we have to make our own popcorn.
  • Non-organic eggs: Due to demands of eggs around the world, we are not quite sure whether our eggs are non-organic or not. Non-organic eggs from factory farms are fed with caffeine and other ingredients that can harm our health.

Actually the list goes on.