Why Not Gardening?

There are times that we have nothing to do but bum around. If we want to utilize our time well and be productive, there are many things that we can consider. Perhaps we can try gardening. Gardening is a fun activity because aside from helping Mother Nature (by cultivating flowers or vegetables), we can also profit from it. If we have a “green thumb”, why waste it?

There are many reasons why people are drawn to gardening. Some consider gardening as a hobby or a leisure activity. There are others that consider it as a profession and there are some that only want to plant fruits or vegetables to ensure the safety and reliability of what they are eating. Whatever our reasons are, we should be patient as we learn the craft. Here’s a guide:


Prepare your tools

Since we are not planning to produce large quantities, hand or manual tools like spades, rakes, hoes and mowers should be present.

Preparing or understanding your soil

If we have healthy soil, we have healthy plants. Plants obtain everything they need in the soil. There are many ways to ensure that our soil is healthy, we can start by putting organic or synthetic fertilizers. Earthworms are important in the soil as well so when we see them, it is best to leave them.


We should know if our soil is acidic or not. To know this, we need to check their pH level. Plants absorb the nutrients best in a soil with pH of 6.5 to 7.5.

Select your plants

Gardeners know that plants are different when it comes to their tolerance to the climate. So our choice of plant should depend on our location and climate.

Controlling pests

After planting, we will face another challenge. We should think of the weeds, pests and possible diseases our plants may get. It is time to consider herbicide, pesticide and fungicide.

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