What to Do When Fever Strikes

At some point in time, we get sick. It is part of life. But as much as possible if we get sick, we pray that it will come quickly and lightly. If in this case we are suffering from fever, we should find treatment immediately.


Fever is characterized by a rise in the body’s normal temperature (above 37° C). Others simply let it pass but we should be reminded that fever is sometimes the body’s way of telling us that there are more serious illnesses coming. Fever can be a symptom of malaria, bacterial or viral infections (tonsillitis and influenza), arthritis and different brain and skin disorders. High fever can also lead to yellow fever, relapsing fever, scarlet fever, dengue fever, etc. For babies and older people, they tend to experience convulsions where their temperature rises to 41° C.


The first thing to do is get the temperature. We can get the temperature under the arm, in the mouth, in the ear and in the rectum with the use of thermometer. After a few minutes, we will know the exact temperature of the body. If it is above 37° C, we should treat it right away. Fever is normally treated by lowering the body’s temperature. We can take Aspirins and/or apply cold compresses at least until the fever subsides. When we are suffering from fever, our body tends to sweat so we should replace the fluids lost by drinking large quantities of liquid to avoid dehydration. Though our appetite may be affected, it is always best to eat as much as we can.

If the fever still persists, it is time to see the doctor. If fever is recurring for a period of time, it should be brought to the doctor’s attention because it might be a symptom of other serious disease.

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