Learning to Move On

It is really hard to move on to your past most especially if you really love the person who left you or you’ve left. However, no matter how hurtful or how painful the break up is, the only best thing to do is to turn things away from that past. Yes, it is hard but it is just for the meantime. It would just take like months.

Break up advice

Five months is a long period. Now, if you really want to forget your past, you have to submit and commit to the challenges around you. Actually, the very first thing you need to master is the never think of anything that remind you of him. Throw all the things that he owns, the things he gave, the teddy bear, the flowers, the love letters and anything that is valuable for both of you.


You should include the photos in your computer, cellphones and if possible the pictures that you have posted on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and any social media websites wherein you’ve showed your pictures to people. Actually, you can keep his phone number to your cellphone because even if you delete it, you still remember it. In a situation that you just broke up with your boyfriend, you have to be strong to not text him.

After few hours of your break-up, he’ll beep you. This means, he wants to reconcile to you and admit his mistakes. However, they will just text you to inform that they want to say goodbye. This time, don’t get hurt. Do not cry. Be strong and keep your chin up. Learn to believe that it’s his loss not yours.


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