Self-Care Tips for Sore Throat

You feel uncomfortable because of sore throat. Do not despise it because it will only make things harder for you. Instead of sulking, you should act immediately so the discomfort you are feeling may be relieved. Before anything else, you should know that sore throats are not that serious. It will pass after 3 to 7 days. You can let nature take its course or you can consider some treatments to relieve the symptoms.


Here are some self-care tips that you can consider at home:

  • Avoid too hot food/drinks. You should keep away from foods or drinks that are too hot as it may irritate the throat. Perhaps you have to keep away from coffee for a while unless you plan to cool it for a few minutes before drinking.
  • Eat and drink cool food/drinks. Cool foods and drinks will bring relief to the throat. You should also consider soft food. If you do not want cool foods and drinks, you can consider it warm. Not too hot though. Remember the previous reminder.
  • Suck ice cubes or ice lollies. Adults and children can choose to suck ice cubes or ice lollies when they want to relieve their sore throat. This will only provide temporary relief but it is better than nothing.


  • Avoid smoke. When you have sore throat, you should do your best to avoid smoke and smoking. When you are in a smoky environment, do your best to escape before it takes a toll to your throat and your health in general.
  • Gargle. The least thing that you can do whenever you have the sore throat is to gargle. Gargling should be regularly done. In fact, it is better if you gargle as often as you can. You can gargle using a mouthwash or warm water with salt. This will help lessen the pain and reduce the swelling.
  • Drink fluids. It is important that you stay hydrated. When you have sore throat, it is easy not to eat or drink but it will only make things worse. Do not forget to drink lots of fluids.

If you are too uncomfortable, you might think about antibiotics. You should know that the use of antibiotics is not recommended. It may create side effects. Antibiotics are only prescribed if your sore throat is severe. However, you can use painkillers like paracetamol, which can also reduce your fever.

If you notice that you are not getting any better after 3 to 7 days, you should directly see your doctor. You should be particularly worried if you are at risk of developing complications. You should watch out for other symptoms like drooling, severe pain, difficulty swallowing and breathing, muffled voice and stridor.


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