Listening to Advice

You will always know whenever you are sleeping so tight or not. When you are really asleep, you can never be woken up even by a roaring thunderstorm or a loud music. However, you can get up, when you are shaken up. Sometimes, it is very annoying and is pissing you off but it is the shake that is really an important call for you. When it talks about heartbreak, it can be compared to sleeping.


When you are not listening to advice, tendencies are you may be hurt badly. It’s like a parent-daughter relationship. You are being scolded by your mother not because you are so bad but it is because they want you to learn the lessons that they want you to know. Sometimes, you just need to make several mistakes in order for you to get the lesson out of it. But sometimes, one mistake is enough for you to learn the things that you want to learn.


See those woman who experienced a really bad heartbreak. What happens to them? Did they let themselves drown from that heartache? Maybe there are some but it doesn’t mean that they are losers. It’s just their way to let their heartbreak out. The real losers are the ones who commits suicide. They think that the only way to make escape the painful feelings they feel is to die. In reality, heartbreak is only the same with the reminding yourself that you are not a worthless individual.


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