What You Should Know About Wedding Filming

Wedding videography should not be underestimated because it can also present a challenging task. You should be a professional when you do wedding videography to give the couple satisfaction every time they recall or reminisce the moment. But if in this case you are still learning the skill, you can also consider wedding videography as your practicing field. You do not need to ask for a big talent or professional fee when you are beginning. For the sake of experience, you should pursue wedding videography. The first thing that you should do is obtain a camcorder and carry on your wedding videography. Since you are a beginner, you do not need a very expensive camcorder.

You can get fine camcorders here in Singapore. If you are looking for a cheap one, you should consider the Great Singapore Sale. After securing your camera, it is imperative that you learn basic things about filming. What you need to know about filming:



There are camcorders that have automatic focus. You will not worry every time you point and shoot. If you have a camcorder that has manual focus, you should know how to set it. When setting it while trying to become the perfect videographer in singapore you should put the dot or square in the center on the subject you want to focus on and then push the manual focus album.

White Balance

There are many camcorders that have automatic White Balance feature. When you change locations, your camcorder will adjust with the different lighting sources.


Lighting is important. You should give your subjects justice by giving light. Be mindful of the sun and make sure you are behind it not in front of it.


When you zoom in, you distort the image quality so when you need close up, you should come near the subject. Do not depend on zooming because it is being lazy.


A good video is not only about the video but it is also about the audio. Spare the audience or viewers that hustle of deciphering everything by providing microphone. Make sure the microphone is near the subject so you can get a quality audio.

When you are scheduled for a shooting, you should prepare for it. What you need to prepare:



You should first make sure your camcorder is working. It would be a bummer if you know your camcorder is not working on the site. Before setting out, you should see it working.


Do not forget about your batteries and make sure it is full charged. If it is not charged, always bring your charger with you. You should also consider extra batteries in case of emergency.


Though it is not advisable to overshoot, there are times that you overshoot especially if you are still starting. When you are starting, you are too excited that you consume lots of tapes but only a few scenes worth editing. Regardless, you should enjoy every moment.

If you want to be the best in the field of wedding videography, you should learn how to be a good editor. Raw videos should first be processed and arranged. Weddings are full of emotion and capturing all emotions in a small tape is very challenging. The couples will surely love your good work.

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