5 Ways on How to Increase Productivity


In handling our businesses or doing our work, it can be challenging to always be efficient, creative and productive. Considering all the distractions and enormous tasks assigned to us, it can be a drag to just finish anything. For busy and workaholic people in Singapore, this is a challenge that seriously needs to be addressed. Here are helpful ways on how to become more productive:

  1. Make a priority list of your tasks. It is important to write down all the tasks that you need to finish. In order to become more organized, arrange them according to your priority or their importance. You need to be able to create a mental picture of the things you need to achieve and translate it to actions. With this list, you can work according to plan.


  1. Take one task at a time. Although multi-tasking can get things done faster, let’s admit the fact that not all people can manage to accommodate multiple tasks at one time. To suggest, you need to focus, slow down and take one task at a time. The objective is to finish your tasks and make it even better than the quality expected. To ensure that, you need to give ample time to work and finish each task with no error.

  1. Shake off the negative vibes. If you want to maximize your full potential and optimize your resources, try to get rid of any form of negativity around you. As much as possible, avoid inhibiting yourself with thoughts of failure or inadequacy. These can greatly affect your way of thinking, thus draining your brain and body even when you haven’t started yet. To shake off those negative vibes, try to breathe in and out to release the tension, think of positive notions and tasks you have accomplished so far, etc.


  1. Fend off procrastination. Procrastination is one of man’s most unhelpful habits. We all have moments when we put off tasks just because we think we need to do something else “more important”, when it truth we’re just being lazy or too afraid to tackle the task ahead. To combat this, you need to seriously focus on the task at hand. Avoid getting too distracted by things that really doesn’t matter or doesn’t contribute to your tasks and project as a whole.


  1. Think forward. You need to think of the final product. If you can, place an output board in front of you in order to remind you of the project you need to finish by the end of your tasks. You need to know the direction that you should follow in order to become more effective and productive.

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