Quit Smoking or Else…

You should know that smoking is a bad habit that you should break. On top of that, it is banned (in certain areas) here in Singapore. If you smoke in a “non-smoking area”, you will be fined from S$200 to S$1000. Other Singaporeans are pursuing a proposal that seeks to free Singapore from Tobacco. The proposal is to stop or ban the supply of Tobacco to Singaporeans born from 2000. This will eventually result to the phasing out of Tobacco.


Of course, smokers find this idea ridiculous but the group only seeks to protect the health of the people around. Should this become a law, you are in for a lot of trouble. It is better to quit smoking-soon. In case you forgot or you are ignoring it, you should be reminded of the ill effects of smoking. Ill effects of smoking include:


The basic thing that you can do is restrain yourself from smoking. You can start from taking away all paraphernalia so you will not be distracted or pre occupied. If you abstain, you will feel a strong desire or urge to smoke but you can forget it by keeping yourself occupied or busy. More importantly, you should be serious and determined to stop it.


If you feel that you need the help of other people, therapies are available. Doctor’s will help you get through this.  They can prescribe drugs that can assist you.

Smoking is not good. Yes, it feels good for a while but as it wavers, everything will be normal again. You should think that the effects are long term. You will suffer and it is not that good or fun anymore. Stop smoking now or regret it later. It is your choice.

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