Habits You Should Learn To Break From Now On


Acquiring a new knowledge, skill or habit? Pretty easy. Unlearning them? No it isn’t. In most cases, it is challenging to break habits because they already form a part of someone’s routine or system—-they are even considered a comfort zone. Some habits are good like exercising every day or reading a good book before sleep while some are bad, or should we say, are not doing us any favors. While most of them are not that detrimental to your well-being, chances are, they might hold you back from the kind of career, relationships, health and happiness you have longed for.


Breaking plenty of them is never easy and fast—it is a learning and progressive process. But the great news is, regardless of what age you are or where you at in life, there is absolutely no other time like today to start releasing certain habits that do you no good in the long run.

  1. Taking “No” for an answer and letting it go, just like that. Of course there are things in life you have absolutely no control of (which is an important life lesson by the way), but when it comes to matters that you truly care about like career, relationships or dreams, don’t just take the first “no” you get from someone or something. You should try to give it another shot by asking again or doing something better. You will never know what could change if you ask again, or exhaust all the possible means before waving the white flag.


  1. Checking your phone when you’re out with people. Whether you’re having dinner with a date, friends or family, it is not good to keep on checking your phone. Show the people you’re with that you are present in the moment and that whatever is so interesting on your phone can surely wait—when you get home.


  1. Stalking or spending much of your time on social media. Browsing through your news feed or checking out latest photos on Instagram about your friends’ amazing getaways, life events or luxurious purchases can be a little source of motivation but the more you get details of their lives, the worse it can make you feel about your own. It’s better to put down your phone and start living your life by making things happen.


  1. Waiting for the so called “The One”. There is nothing wrong with the virtue of waiting, but it shouldn’t be taken literally. If you are someone who isn’t open to giving someone or yourself a chance to go out, have fun and date, then “the one” won’t magically appear on your door step. Life is about taking chances, and so is love.


  1. Arguing with your parents. By the time you reached the adult age, you will learn to accept the reality that parents can be a pain in the ass at times but acting like a stubborn and spoiled teenager isn’t going to do you good. Your parents are not getting younger and they aren’t going to be around forever, so treat them good and respect—above all. Learn to compromise and apologize, when needed.


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