5 Ways to Beat Post-Vacation Blues

We all get that feeling—return home from an awesome trip and struggle to rekindle with our everyday life. Post-travel blues can leave you unmotivated, exhausted and blue. However, with a few tips and tricks, you can fix that super-bored feeling after a fun-filled adventure.

1. Start Planning Your Next Trip
The major part of the heartbreak of returning home after an awesome vacation is having nothing to look forward to. Fix that by start planning for your next trip. Even if booking another flight isn’t pocket-friendly just yet, you can start small by searching for your next prospective destination. Once you’ve decided where to go next, plan how you’ll save for the trip.

2. Go Grocery Shopping
Your fridge is probably empty—or smells funky because of the leftover you forgot to throw away before the trip. It’s time to clean it out and do some grocery shopping to stock on the regular essentials. It may be a small thing, but stocking your fridge and pantry with your staple snacks and food items goes a long way in making your place feel like home again.

3. Organize your Photos
Waiting too long to transfer, edit and share the photos of your travel will run the risk of forgetting all the juicy details of your trip. Dedicate a few hours after you have settled down to organize your travel photos. Instead of mourning the end of a fun trip, relive your amazing vacation by making a digital photo album or uploading your photos to your social media to serve as a reminder of the beautiful travel you just had.

4. Detox From Vacation Food
It’s no surprise that trying out food is one of the highlights of travelling. However, after the trip, you will start craving for fruits and home-cooked meals again, so give your body what it needs. Take a break from heavy meals by preparing healthy dinners yourself. Plus, making a meal in your own kitchen is a great way to ease your body and mind into settling back to your routine.

5. Get Some Exercise
Cheat days are over. It’s time to get back on track after a week-long hiatus. Get your bod ready for your next trip you’ve just planned. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you will feel better. It’s easier to look forward on things when you feel good about yourself.

It can be challenging to shake off the distress when you come home from a great trip, but thinking positively goes a long way to beating post-vacation blues.

6 Must-Visit Floating Cities That Aren’t Venice

Pretty much all cities with canals and water ways like to be called “The Little Venice of ,” making them a hit destination among tourists, too. However, there are still some out there that aren’t named in a such cliché way.

So, if you have crashed Venice off your travel bucket list or you simply just want to witness alike places minus the crowd, here are six more floating cities worth visiting.

1. Bangkok, Thailand
With Bangkok’s wide and busy streets, it is easy to forget that the winding canals around the city once served as a major means of transport back in the years. Today, many of these canals look dreary and may no longer be as lively as before. However, they still remain a fascinating remembrance of the past and a fascinating window of the early years of Thailand in the midst of this fast-evolving world.

2. Copenhagen, Denmark
Built in 1600s, Copenhagen’s wide canals have served different purposes over the years. Originally built to be passageways for the navy, these water paths have made the city an international port through its easy access to the Baltic Sea. The lively Nyhavn district became a key destination among locals and are decked with restaurants and entertainment spots.

3. Fenghuang, China
Those who visit Fenghuang never fail to be in awe by the green waters that glisten beneath the stilted houses. You can cross the other side of Tuojiang River by boat or be daring and cross it by food—hopping from stone to stone in a path that stretches to the other side of the the river. Just make sure not to fall.

4. Giethoorn, Netherlands
You will have a hard time looking for a car in Giethoorn, which is a water-logged village in the province of Overijssel. Instead of concrete streets, inhabitants travel by boat, sailing through its idyllic waterways. Those who visit this place are always struck by gorgeous scenery, which includes century-old homes and the calming silence—the loudest sound you’ll probably hear are the quacking sound of the ducks.

5. Annecy, France
A small city in the southeast region of France named Annecy deserves its other name “Pearl of the French Alps.” A two-lined canal, which is initially built as defensive structure, cut-through the city, lending a fairytale look that unsurprisingly attracts tourists around the world.

6. Ernakulam, India
This little city is seated in the southwest of India and relies mainly on it canals as primary means of transportations. Ernakulam is connected to other cities by over 30 boats that operate from over 50 docks in district. Trips that usually take 45 minutes by land only be 10 to 15 minutes by sailing.

There are several more floating cities in the world worth exploring besides Venice. Do not limit your list to the most popular ones; try to witness the beauty of them all, one city at a time.

Best Beach Bars to Visit in Southeast Asia

There’s no better way to spend the summer season than on a pristine tropical paradise while sipping pina colada. While poolside parties sound like a dream summer vacay, sometimes enjoying reggae music while mingling with a hippie crowd makes an ideal getaway.

While it’s no doubt that Caribbean, Ibiza and Hawaii have tempting beaches, the breathtaking tropics of Southeast Asia also boast equally chic beach bars that’s worth visiting at least once in your life.

1. Ola Beach Club (Singapore)
Ola Beach Club, the former location of Azzura Beach Club, brings a slice of Hawaii to Singaporeans. Serving party goers with tiki cocktails and Hawaiian cuisine, this beach bar in Siloso Beach Walk is one of the hippiest place any beach lover can visit. For adventurous souls, try their adrenaline-rushing water sports like Jetblade and Jet Pack.

2. Nikki Beach (Koh Samui)
Opened in 2009, Nikki Beach has become one of the most visited beach clubs in the island. Located on the west coast of Lipa Noi beach, the beach club is decked with cabanas and sun lounges for a relaxing beach side experience. The club comes alive with music performances and live DJs and hosts special events regularly.

3. Finn’s Beach Club (Bali)
Featuring an all-bamboo structure and a blue-tiled infinity pool, Finn’s Beach Club makes the perfect spot in Canggu to enjoy the amazing view of the sunset. The beach club also has secret beach spot that gives you a glimpse of the Indian Ocean. This secret hideout can be accessed by the beach club’s inclinator that will carry you down to the stunning landscape of the ocean.

4. Baba Nest (Phuket)
Baba Nest, which is actually a part of the popular Sri Panwa resort in Phuket, is a rooftop party hub with a picturesque view of the Andaman Sea and the neighbouring islands. The posh bar serves champagnes, cocktails and wines to keep you company while basking in the view and lounging luxuriously in its infinity pool.

5. Koh Phangan (Thailand)
Looking for a beach spot with massive party scene? Head to Koh Phangan in Thailand. Essentially the Ibiza of the east—with lots of cheap drinks and scrumptious Thai food, this place has earned its reputation as one of the world’s most famous beach party destinations. For an ultimate party experience, join the most celebrated full moon parties. But if you’re planning to do more than just parting—as many party-goers do—think twice as Thailand has some of the world’s strictest drug laws.

Laze away—or party the night out—in these breathtaking clubs and bars. Grab your passport, your favourite bikinis and some sunscreen for an unforgettable holiday by the beach.