Picking Top iPad Apps  


Our iPads should not be left there without any applications. iPads are made to house applications so when the time comes, we can access it easily. Many Singaporeans are particular about picking top apps regardless of the cost.


If we want to pick top iPad apps this time, this list can help us decide what to consider. The list is derived from App Store’s Official Charts as of July 27, 2015. Here’s the list:

  • For top paid iPad apps: For people who would consider paid iPad apps, they have to consider one or all of the following – Minecraft: Pocket Edition (developed by Mojang), Goat Simulator (developed by Coffee Stain Studios), Mods for Minecraft (developed by JK2Designs LL), PAW Patrol Pups to the Rescue HD (developed by Nickelodeon), Build Battle: Mc Mini Game with Multiplayer (developed by ORGONITE DOO), The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (developed by Gameloft), Prune (developed by Joel Mcdonald), Terraria (developed by 505 Games, Inc.), Heads Up! (developed by Warner Bros.) and Trivia Crack (developed by Etermax).


  • For top free iPad apps: Top freeiPad apps include SpongeBob Moves In (developed by Nickelodeon), YouTube (developed by Google, Inc.), (developed by, Netflix (developed by Netflix, Inc.), Messenger (developed by Facebook, Inc.), Block Craft 3D: City Building Simulator (developed by Fun Games For Free), Despicable Me: Minion Rush (developed by Gameloft), Facebook (developed by Facebook, Inc.), Colorfly: Coloring Book for Adults (developed by Fun Games for Free) and Pinterest (developed by Pinterest, Inc.).

This should keep us busy for some time. Before we install these applications, we have to make sure that our memory can handle it. If it can’t be helped, we have to give up something.


A Quick Sneak: Android Wear Vs. Apple Watch


With the release of Apple watch last month, consumers are all about finding concrete and good reasons to justify a $17,000 expenditure for a wrist watch. Apple’s arch-nemesis, Google, already has its own watch OS—the Android Wear; and brands like LG, Motorola, and Samsung make smartwatches that run it. The war between Apple Watch and Android Wear are going hot. Here’s how the two compares.



The newly launched Apple Watch isn’t just another futuristic gadget, but a statement fashion piece. Apple made sure that their smartwatches look as good as traditional timepieces in the market with its promising selections—the Watch Sport, Watch, and Watch Edition. Wrapped in aluminium (Watch Sport), steel (Watch), and gold (Watch Edition), these watches come in two different sizes: 38mm and 42mm.

On the other hand, if you want the traditional round look of a wrist watch, Google has is for you. However, with so many Android Wear watches in the market, we find that only Huawei Watch and Motorola Moto 360 are the ones that look attractive. The rest, they look like nerd toys instead of fashion accessories.

Battery Life 

One of the major concerns about the Apple Watch is the battery life. Apple claims that the watch can last for 18 hours, which means you’ll need to recharge the watch every night. And for someone who uses the watch more than usual, this can be a problem as you’re likely to be left with a dead watch before your day ends.


However, before bashing the Apple Watch, keep in mind as well that Android Wear also bears the same problem. Just like Apple, it doesn’t have promising battery life span.


The least expensive you can buy from the Apple Watch line is the 38mm Watch Sport, which costs a hefty $350 in US. The 42mm of the same model costs $400. The 38mm Watch will cost you $550, while the 42mm of this model will set you back at $550. For the luxurious Watch Edition, you could end up paying a skyrocketing price of $17,000! Seriously, that’s one pricey gadget.

For a much more affordable option, Android Wear has so many to offer. Starting anywhere between $200 and $300, you already have numerous options to choose from.

The new Apple Watch hasn’t been in the market for so long, so maybe we haven’t seen its full capacity yet. And for the pricing, who knows, maybe Apple will finally take the plunge and compete against Google’s pricing—though knowing Apple, it’s never going to happen but hey we can dream!


Google Tips

Google is one of the most popular search engines ever. We use it to do homework, search for the latest news, read the latest celebrity gossip, or just look for a simple food recipe. Google has been part of our Internet life for several years now.

A person using Google

What if there are easier ways to get the information you are looking for on Google? Now, you’re interested. Here are some tips you need so that you can use Google efficiently.

Use Google Tabs

The first important tip in using Google search is to use the tabs. When you use Google search, you see a number of tabs that will help your search easier. The tabs are Web, Images, News, Videos and More. When you use these tabs, you can define the type of search you want. For example if you want to look for photos of clothes, you can click on the Images tab to define your search into photos alone.


Use quotation marks

When you are trying to look for a title of a book, article or write up, you can use quotations so that Google knows that you are searching for the whole phrase instead of just separate words.

Related sites

When you are in need of information from a specific site, Google will automatically include sites that have the same content as the site you searched for. You can explore these related sites and who knows, maybe you’ll find more material in the site that will be useful in your research.


Factors in Choosing the Right Speakers

There is no doubt that Singaporeans love music. If you are the type that stays at home and simply enjoy a good music, looking for the right speakers is crucial. If you have good quality speakers, your music experience will be remarkable. If in this case you are still looking for the right speakers, worry no more because there are many speakers here in Singapore that you can consider.


Before you choose speakers, it is important that you consider some factors. So, what are some factors that you need to know about speakers? Here’s an idea:

  • Sound quality: You have to know that the sound quality is subjective which makes it a personal decision. At the end of the day, you have to rely on your taste. Think of it this way: there is no “best speaker” but there is only “the best one for you”. You find a speaker good but others do not see it that way. So, when you shop for speakers, you have to take your discs with you and listen to it. You have to choose speakers that are natural to your ears. If possible, listen to it many times.
  • Types of speakers: There are different types of speakers to include satellite, on-wall, in-wall and floorstanding. The type of speaker will depend on your preference. To give you an idea, on-wall speakers are popular for flat-screen televisions. In-wall speakers are famous for its grills and good sound. Satellite speakers on the other hand are comprised of small speakers that come with subwoofer. Floorstanding have the best sound quality if the space is enclosed but it can utilize much space.

mini n-Cube Speakers

  • Matching speakers with components: You can hear good quality sound if you match the speakers with the right components. You just do not put anything you think is best for your speakers. You have to take note of the manufacturer’s specifications. For example, manufacturers recommend a specific range of amplifier that goes with your speakers. The specifications are important because it will serve as your guideline in choosing the right component.

Now that you know the factors, you can make a decision right away. If you are lucky, you can find good deals. Do not think of the price because good speakers come with a price. Remember that your speakers should be the finest that you can afford whether it is your home theatre or your ordinary sound system. With that, good luck on your search.


Must-Have Glasses this Season

You only see high-tech glasses in sci-fi movies. There are times that you wish you can have it and use it to achieve greater things. You should be delighted because there are high-tech glasses that you can purchase in Singapore these days. You must have it.  It may be expensive but the important thing is you are happy with it.


If in this case you still do not know any high-tech glasses, you should not fret because this article will lead you to the right path. You heard about Google Glass but that is not everything. Singaporeans should know that there are other options that they can consider. There are many high-tech eyewears worth checking out. Here are some:

  • Light Therapy Glasses: If you want to reduce your Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), this type of glasses is your answer. SAD is also known as the winter blues. It affects people during winter season. The Light Therapy Glasses emit light to treat this disorder. The glasses will trick the user’s eye in believing that it is sunny even in the middle of winter.  
  • Adlens Variable Focus: If you have presbyopia (also known as over 40 reading glasses syndrome), the Adlens is best for you. The glasses feature cylindrical and liquid knobs from the sides of the glasses. You can adjust the glasses depending on your preference.


  • Meta: If you are fond of hologram, Meta is a good start. Meta features hologram-like presentation. You can categorize things only with your hands. This technology is seen in Tom Cruise’s Minority Report and Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man. 
  • O2AMP Color Assisting Glasses: This type of glasses can help doctors better see the bruising, rashes, veins, cyanosis, vasculature and other disparities in O2 blood level. Experts also claim that it can heal red and green colour-blindness. 
  • Avegant Glyph: If you are into entertainment system, you should consider the Avegant Glyph. It uses a technology (virtual retinal display) that can give out crystal clear appearance. It can also be used as a headphone. 

That should give you an idea which glasses to consider. Whether it is for entertainment or functional use, indeed the glasses mentioned above are must-have for this season. If you really want it, you will not think about the price. You should only think about the great experience it will bring. There are many sunglasses that Singaporeans can choose.

If you want to know other glasses, you can conduct research first. Do not worry because there are many references that you can read online. The future looks bright with these glasses.