Amazing Benefits of Kissing  

Everyone enjoys kissing. Who would not enjoy it more if they will know that it has many health benefits? We originally thought that kissing is only the most common expression of love or our prelude to intimacy but we have to know that it has a lot of exciting benefits which are good for the body.


These benefits will surely increase the frequency of kissing. What is wrong with that? So, here are the benefits that we should be happy about:

  • It makes us happier: We have a good job and good house here in Singapore but kissing will make us happier. When we are down, kissing is the instant fix. We will be surprised that kissing can immediately uplift our mood and spirit.


  • It conditions the heart: Heart-related diseases are common here in Singapore. We can combat it by exercise and eating the right kind of food but have we considered kissing? Yes, kissing can condition the heart. It can release adrenaline together with other hormones that can stimulate the circulation of blood in the body. It can regulate our blood pressure.
  • It can relieve stress: Our lives can be demanding sometimes. It can bring a lot of stress of we do not do something about it. Well, this is not a problem because as long as we engage in kissing, the body will release endorphins which are considered the “feel-good” hormones.
  • It can liberate us from pain: When we are in pain, it is a discomfort. Kissing can do something about it. It can help release dopamine, oxytocin and phenylethylamine which give pleasure and euphoria.


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