5 Skincare Tips for Your Summer Travel

Travelling is good for the mind and soul, but can be really hard on the skin, especially in the summer season, when the sun is probably in its hottest and you’re more frequent in the water—super chlorinated water! Your skin has all the reasons to act out—from the airborne bacteria present inside the plane to the changes in routine and climate, not to mention excessive sun exposure.

Here, we share to you some tips on how to keep your skin happy while living the beach life—and yes, it’s more than just slapping on some sunscreen.

1. Improve Your In-Flight Hygiene
Cleanliness is key to keeping your skin free of breakouts when you’re inside a plane. Always carry makeup remover wipes to wipe clean your skin whenever needed. But just as important, wipe down your armrests and seat before sitting on it. People leave bacteria and oil behind on seats, the reason why sometimes you develop body acne the next day of your flight. A quick wipe might be the only thing you need to save you some trouble.

2. Practice Healthy Hotel Habits
During the summer season, our skin is prone to breakouts. We sweat a lot and probably use a lot of new products, including those hotel toiletries, which can aggravate sensitive skin. Even if you are staying somewhere fancy, those designer moisturizers and lotions can still cause trouble on your skin if you have never tried them out.

3. Protect Yourself from the Sun
Any dermatologist would agree that sunscreen is a top skincare necessity during this season, no matter your skin type or skin tone. Those UV rays are cancer-causing. Make sure to re-apply all throughout the day. If you’re swimming or sweating a lot, you definitely need to reapply every few hours. Put on a layer of body sunscreen before heading outside and bring a spray sunscreen with you to reapply later in the day. Accessories help, too. Wear hats, shades and UV-protective clothing.

4. Adjust Your Skincare Routine
knowing your skin type is important to fully protect your skin. Heat can be good for those with dry skin, especially if there is presence of humidity in the air. For those with oily skin, being under the heat can be a challenge. According to dermatologists, try to keep your skin care as simple as possible. Start with cleanser and end with moisturizer suited for your skin type.

5. Treat Sunburns
It is a good idea to bring some skincare remedies in case you end up being under the sun for longer hours. Bring some aloe for wound and sunburn healing. However, know that aloe does not replace the purpose of sunscreen—it cannot protect you from UV damage. It can only soothe redness and peeling of the skin due to sunburn.

It’s not just you who needs a break; your skin, too. Enjoy summer while also giving your skin some TLC and reap the benefits of good skin even after your trip.