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6 Things Every 20s Should Spend Time On

Our 20s fly by fast, and we definitely want to make sure that we did the decade some justice. Are you where you’re supposed to be? Did you worry about the right things? The best way to prepare for these questions, and answer them the best way you can, is to ensure that you spend time on what truly matters and what will help you in the future. So if you’re wondering what things to invest some time in, here are some of it.


  1. Creating Connections

Forming a solid mainstay of people exposes you to more opportunities, and increases your potential for success both in your career and personal life. So start building connections as early as possible, because you’ll never know when you’ll need them. Remember, your 20s is all about utilizing what you have today, and structuring your future.

  1. Nurturing Your Body

Exercising, washing your face at night, and applying sunscreen may not be on top of your priority list, but it should be. General healthcare is something you’ll be glad you considered doing in your 20s later in your life. After all, you won’t be able to replace or trade in your body. That is your body, and you will live in it for the rest of your life.

  1. Nourishing Your Mental Health and Well-Being

 Although physical health is important, investing some time to nourish your mind should also be done. Challenge it, and be conscious of what you’re exposing your mind to daily. Our mind, just like anything else, has the characteristics of a muscle: You use it, or you lose it – and as long as you’re using it, it’ll remain fit and healthy.

Fitness Class

  1. Furthering Your Education

Education is one of the invaluable resources you’re unlikely to every regret having. Money and time is well spent when it’s used to broaden your knowledge, especially if you’re honing skills essential to your career path. Try out different things, and find where your passion truly lies. Once you’ve found it, find ways to make a career out of doing it, and if you need to further your education to achieve it, do it.

  1. Establishing Meaningful Relationships

Your 20s is the perfect time to drop fair-weather friends, and make time for those who will really stick around. As you mature, so should your relationships. So stop wasting time on people who will be harmful than helpful in your pursuit of reaching your goals.

  1. Travelling

This is the time where you’re full of energy, and have the mobility to indulge your wanderlust. Although it may require some money, do it. Experience new countries, cultures, and challenges. You’ll surely learn things that you can take with you, and apply to your life as you return home.

Spending time and money on things that really matter is the best way to spend your 20s. So start investing on the aforementioned things now, and see how it’ll be beneficial both for you career and personal life.