Ways to Avoid Locksmith Scams

5 Tips to Follow to Avoid Locksmith Scams

Getting the best locksmith service is important especially if your main concern is the safety of your home, and more importantly, your family. But that task will not be as easy as it sounds, given that a good number of scammers are at loose out there. To help you avoid getting involved with any of the locksmith scammers in your area in Singapore, here are useful tips that you can use to check on the standing and credibility of your chosen locksmith.


1. Choose a locksmith that’s from a trusted company. Going for locksmiths that are from trusted and reputable companies is one good way to avoid getting involved with various locksmith frauds in Singapore. It would also be best if you won’t just randomly pick a locksmith service from various online sites or on your phone directory. Also, don’t choose one based on the size of their ads on the directory since most of these ads are actually purchased by some out-of-state locksmith companies found in Singapore, who might send you a couple of unlicensed locksmiths. So if you’re planning on hiring a locksmith, stick with those who are included in the locksmith association in your area.

2. Contact your potential locksmith. After deciding on the locksmith master in Singapore to do the job, contact them immediately and don’t hesitate to ask questions regarding their experiences and past jobs as a lock, as well as the services that they are offering. It would also save you some time to do preliminary consultations about your problem to see if your chosen locksmith Singapore can provide some good solutions to it. If possible, do ask your locksmith about the quote that they’ll be asking based on the security problem that you currently have. Through this, you’ll be able to come up with a rough estimate on how much they’ll charge you.

3. Make sure that your locksmith is licensed. If the locksmith that you’re dealing with is confident enough to show his license, then it’s a sign that you’re working with a trusted and reliable locksmith. But if he cannot provide you the license or certification that you’re asking, immediately cut-off your deal with him. You wouldn’t want to risk hiring an unlicensed locksmith to provide security for your home, right?

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4. Ask for some credentials. A professional and reputable locksmith in Singapore will be able to show and provide you with any credentials that you ask for – be it a locksmith license or a certification. But if he refuses to do so or seems like he can’t provide you with the files that you need, then don’t hesitate to refuse the services that he’s offering and back off from your deal. Remember that you have the right to turn him down since it is your and your family’s safety that’s being discussed here.

5. Research about your locksmith’s company. After you’ve already checked the background and credentials of your potential locksmith Singapore, it’s now time that you do some research on the locksmith company that he’s from. Ensure that the company which your locksmith belongs to is of good reputation and has a good standing in the industry.

So don’t just wait until you’ve been locked out in a cold night before contacting a locksmith. With the help of these tips, know beforehand who you’d be calling, should you have the need for some locksmith services, and keep that number in your phone, wallet and car.