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5 Bedroom Design Mistakes You Can Fix Right Now

Your bedroom isn’t usually on public display, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to skip on the design. In fact, there’s a good chance that there are more than a few bad choices need fixing, such as the following:

1. Bad lighting
Your bedroom should have multiple ambient lighting options that you can adjust, especially if you like to read in bed or work in your room. For instance, having a shaded lamp allows you to adjust the brightness you need.

2. Not having a right place for everything
The biggest reason why you need to have drawers and shelves in your room is to provide a place for all your things, and when you don’t have enough places for your things, you either have too much stuff or not enough places.

The same can be said for your power outlets – you can easily find your room lacking in power outlets, which can be inconvenient when you need to charge your gadgets.

3. Not positioning your bed the right way
The optimal position for your bed should be somewhere that you can see the wall, and there’s a good reason for this. Not only is it really helpful to see someone enter the room, but it also leaves enough space around the bed for you to move around.

This is why you almost always see bedrooms at the corner of the room, facing the door. If your bed isn’t positioned this way already, try it out and see how easier it makes things for you.

4. Choosing loud colors
Bold, bright colors might be great in areas of your home that experience high traffic, such as your living room or kitchen, but they are terrible in your bedroom since you want to be able to rest and calm down at the end of the day.

The best colors for bedrooms are ones that are cooler and calmer. Blues, greens, or even browns and greys make for better colors that allow you to relax and unwind, as well as give an overall more peaceful aura.

5. Lack of privacy
The biggest flaw you can have with a bedroom is that it doesn’t offer enough privacy. Even though you like waking up with the sun every morning, if the room fails to provide the adequate cover for you, the room can suffer from a serious of lack of space that’s truly personal.

Fortunately, this is easy to solve since there are many solutions you can get. Many window treatments, or even room dividers, can give you the cover that will ensure privacy for your bedroom so you can sleep without worry.

Perfect Colour Combinations that you can Try at Home

You think that your home is losing its vigour or maybe you are just bored with the colours. This is not something that you should ignore because there will come a time that you will not like going home. It is imperative that you do something about it. You can for instance get an interior designer and let them bring life to your home. The good news is that there are many interior designers here in Singapore.


You can easily call them and avail of their services. However, if you have a budget in mind, getting an interior designer may be expensive. You should not fret because there are cheaper ways to bring life to your home. There are a few tricks that you can consider. In this case, you can just change the colour and play with it. You can combine colours if you want. If you do not know what colours complement each other, here’s an idea:

  • Red and Red: There are people who think that Red and Red are not a good sight. Well, they are wrong. The combination of this colour will do just fine. For example, if you are planning to paint your library, you can choose a vibrant red for the walls and browner red for the mouldings.
  • Mahogany and Gray: To be specific, Parma Gray and Mahogany colours are the perfect combination. It is like earth and sky. Parma Gray is a soothing blue colour that feels like the sky. You can paint your ceiling with Parma Gray. As for your grounds, chocolate brown or shades of Mahogany can do the trick.

gray owl bm

  • Lavender and Gray: You will be surprised that Lavender and Gray work well together. For your room, you can consider Gray for the arcs and then pale lavender for your trims. This will feel like very luminescent.
  • Blue and Blue: Blue and Blue is a good combination. This is a classic. If you paint your room Blue, it brings a happy and calm feeling.
  • Green and Brown: Green and Brown remind you of the tree or plant. This is the reason why they work well together. If you paint your room with this, you will feel at peace like you are in the forest with all its beauty. You will be lost in the wilderness – in a good way.

You can try these and discover more. The important thing is you are happy with the colour. There are many available colours here in Singapore so you can just explore. Good luck!