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Healthy Tips to Lengthen Your Life

Many people are afraid to die at an early age. Usually, individuals who reach the age of 25 and above think death. Will they live longer? Will they suffer from a disease and die or will they die in a car crash or something accidental?


These are the typical situations that a person imagine when most especially when they are scared with death. Most of the time, these kind of people are too conscious and careful on the things around them – they eat healthy foods, take vitamins, cross the street carefully and many more. Below are some other ways to live longer.


  • Be patient. A lot of people becomes frustrated when they reach more than 40 years of their life because this is the time that their life is not that exciting compared to other ages. However, there are other people with the same age who are alert and patient. They wait for their turn on when to become the person they want.
  • Have enough sleep. Various study shows that a person with 8 hours or more sleep will only live for a short period of time on Earth. On the other hand, individuals with 6-7 hours of sleep is said to live longer.
  • Take some multivitamins. Clearly, taking vitamin doesn’t have any bad effect in the body. If you are not taking any multivitamin, you should ingest now to live longer.
  • Floss your teeth. By flossing your teeth, you also eliminate the risk of having stroke and heart disease. Actually, if you have poor dental health, you will be more likely to obtain those mentioned ailments.


Eat Healthy and Live Better

Nowadays, we are exposed to different toxic foods and we didn’t realize that we are eating it. Vegetables are the only food that remain to be nontoxic but must be organic so that it will not contain any harmful substance that can damage our body.


Most of these products are found in several farm markets however, it you cannot see organic vegetables and fruits, you can plant them. Usually, it would only take weeks and then you can harvest the goods.

Some Dairy Products are Bad Foods

Eating dairy products as well as eating meat is also consuming the residue of the animals. When the animal is fed with a lot of chemicals, it will grow healthier and bigger. However, you are also eating what they eat and this is bad for you health. Start eating naturally grown farm animals to avoid getting several deadly diseases.


Seafood Contain Harmful Chemicals

You maybe have no idea how sea creatures contain harmful chemicals. Actually, it is not the ocean that contains chemicals; it’s the process after it is catch. There are some fishermen who are pouring chemicals to the seafood they’ve catch so that it won’t easily rot. Now, when it is sold to the market, it will be harmful because people will consume it.

On the other hand, it is still safe to eat these foods. By proper preparation and best cooking techniques, you can eat seafood that is contaminated with chemicals. Through this, it will increase the risk of having a healthy life.



Massage Therapy – A Popular Technique for Body Cleansing

Our body works 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Even if we are sleeping, the internal organs in the body like heart and lungs are working properly. Our body never stopped to do its job in keeping us healthy. The excretory system is responsible for cleansing in the body. The liver collects the bacteria, toxins and other substances in the body while the kidney will excrete it.


This is one way of detoxification. However, one known method today to detoxify is having a massage. Despite the fact that detoxification can be done naturally, massage therapy is also another procedure to eliminate poisonous substances and harmful microorganism in the body.

Since massage is known to relieve various body pain such as headaches and back pain, it is said that it is one way to cleanse the body as this will improve the circulation of nutrients that is needed by the body. Basically, massage is designed to stimulate and spark off the muscles in the body.


There are a lot of massage techniques that widely used around the world. These are Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, reflexology, internal massage and many more. Through massage, some organs in the body will function actively making the body more energetic. Also, massage releases the toxins which primary contributors of illnesses.

When detoxification is combined with massage there will be a large amount of toxic waste discharged. For instance, you are done with colon cleansing and after the process you have cleansing massage. By this, the toxins are quickly released making the body fresh.