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Simple Ways You Can Avoid Accidents at the Gym

Surely, you’ve already seen those “gym fail” videos on YouTube. You might have even seen a fellow gym-goer in ActiveSG make quite a funny mistake. But funny or not, these are actually accidents that are very much avoidable. Luckily for you, you won’t have to make those mistakes if you continue reading!

Remember to do a proper warm-up

A lot of people (usually beginners) make the mistake of heading to the weight racks and just head directly to their workouts. This is a recipe for injury! Even so, jogging on the treadmill for five minutes and doing a few stretches won’t cut it as well. You have to do a proper warm-up before you start doing anything. Starting with the treadmill is okay but you should then follow it up with dynamic stretches. Doing a proper warm-up will significantly reduce your risk of injury.

Have a spotter with you

If you decide to lift heavy, always have a spotter with you. It can be your gym buddy, a trainer, or even some random gym-goer (remember to ask politely!). But even then, if you lift something too heavy that even your spotter won’t be able to do anything, then good luck buddy, you’re waiting for an accident to happen to you right in your face.

Don’t ego lift

Ego lifting is probably one of the biggest reasons why accidents happen in the gym. It’s basically lifting excessively heavy weights and sacrificing form just to feed your ego. Just don’t do that! There’s nothing wrong with not being able to lift heavy at all. More than anything, you’re keeping yourself safe from injury and you don’t risk damaging the gym equipment.

Be mindful of your surroundings

Another thing you should remember is to be mindful of your surroundings. If one person is doing a heavy bench press and you suddenly walk in the way of the bar path, the barbell might fall on that person’s face. Of course, this would cause an accident. But it’s also likely that it will get you in a fight. When you’re walking around to get equipment, remember to keep a safe distance between others who are in the middle of their sets.

Be careful when re-racking weights

A lot of people also make the mistake of not placing the weights on the rack properly. Chances are, those dumbbells or plates will fall off and crush yours or somebody else’s feet. Some even get their fingers crushed by the weights because they don’t put it back cautiously. Just don’t rush and take it slow when you have to re-rack your weights, especially if they are heavy.

5 Great Reasons to Learn Surfing

Surfing is a pretty popular pastime in many countries. Singapore, though, doesn’t get big enough waves to surf on at all. The closest you can get to trying it out and learning is at Wave House at Sentosa where surfing waves are artificially created. Even so, there are many great reasons to try it out! Here are only some of them.

Surfing promotes physical fitness and health

If you think about it, surfers—aside from their actual ability to surf—are widely known for their fit bodies. For one, surfing is an aerobic activity where you can exercise your lungs and heart since you’ll be swimming as well. It also involves the use of your arms for paddling and the core and leg muscles for balance. It’s a great exercise for the body!

A time to be one with nature

Surfing is as natural as a sport can get. It’s an activity you do out in the open, out in nature. Surfing will give you a better perspective on nature and the environment. Though riding big waves out on the ocean can be fun things to do, many individuals consider their time surfing as a way to reconnect with nature. When you sit on your board watching the sunset on the horizon and feeling the water and breeze on your skin, it’s quite an enlightening experience.

You’ll have more reasons to travel

Sure, you can learn the basics at Wave House but at some point, you’ll actually want to try surfing in the open ocean. Though you can’t exactly do it in Singapore, there are many countries nearby that have good surfing spots! So now, you have another thing to add to your travel list. You might even meet other people who are willing to let you hop on their surfing adventures!

It’s a great way to relieve stress

Surfing can be very therapeutic. Traveling in itself can already be therapeutic. But when you’re out there it in the ocean just sitting on your board and waiting for a wave, you can live in that moment and forget about your problems and worries even just for a while. Plus, when you have to pay attention to your balance, you’ll barely have time to think about anything else!

It’s fun!

Once you start learning how to surf, you’ll have a hard time getting out of the water. Gaining balance and slowly getting used to the board can feel like your first time riding a bike as a child. It brings out the kid in you! When you get your balance right consistently as you stand on the board, that’s where all the fun begins. You can ride as many waves as you want already!

Different Ways to Lose Weight


A lot people are struggling with accepting their outside appearance, especially when they’re a little (or a lot) on the heavy side. It is normal to be conscious of how you look especially when you’re outside the house and even more when people start talking or saying things about you. People can really be hard on themselves, particularly when it concerns their weight.


The Struggle to Lose Weight

It’s great if people feel good about themselves no matter what size they are in. But when insecurity starts, it could really have a big impact on the mental and emotional state of the individual. Without a doubt, excess weight is one of the problems people have to face in their lifetime. And an even bigger problem is how they will be able to lose it. Numerous healthy eating and diet programs are continuously launched and recommended to people who have weight problems.

A lot of people are also motivated to start exercising routinely not just to build their body muscles but to help in losing all those excess weight. Although people are free to go on a diet and enroll themselves in fitness gyms to undergo exercise programs, most are still struggling and finding it hard to lose the weight. And so, diet pills came into the picture as they were advertised to help people in reducing and even controlling their weight.

The Alternative: Diet Pills


For people for whom dieting and exercise can’t help them achieve the weight they want, the solution may lie on diet pills. Singapore diet pills are described as a type of pharmacological agents that helps an individual reduce or even control his weight gain. By altering an essential process in the human body that concerns weight regulation, the drug is able to modify the appetite of the individual or even his normal absorption of the calories from foods he eats.

In different countries around the world, there are specific diet pills only allowed and approved by the FDA to be produced and sold in the local pharmaceutical stores. In Singapore, for instance, diet pills are very popular among the general public, perhaps especially among women. However, these people should be advised on what pills they can and can’t take. Medical officers in the said country are very watchful of the side-effects of pills especially if it could affect the health of their citizens.

Buying Diet Pills Online

If you are looking into making a purchase from an online store selling diet pills, you will certainly need some tips to ensure you have a successful purchasing experience. Although you think it would be easy to purchase pills from an online pharmacy, you may think twice to order the second time around when you received ineffective or low-quality products with the first time.