Exploring Singapore

What Do Singaporeans Want?  


Singapore is doing fine but we are not perfect, there are still areas for improvement. If we ask our fellows, there are still things that Singapore needs. There is a recent study conducted by Barrett Values Center and aAdvantage. These organizations seek to find what Singaporeans would like to see in society.


They surveyed 2,000 residents about the things that we like to see here. The findings were revealed on July 23, 2015 at the Institute of Policy Studies seminar. Here’s the top ten things that we would like to see here:

  • Affordable housing: Many people want to see affordable housing in the coming years. This makes number one on the list.
  • Caring for the elderly: Caring for the elderly is another thing that many people want to see. Caring for the elderly is at number two.
  • Effective healthcare: People want to have an effective healthcare. This is somehow being realized with the help of Community Health Assist Scheme which gives Singaporeans with subsidized care.
  • Compassion: People want to see more compassion. Compassion means the feeling of wanting to help someone in trouble, sick or hungry. How good it would be if we all feel compassionate.
  • Quality of life: Quality of life is at number five on the list. We simply want a good life free from any troubles and struggles.


  • Caring for disadvantaged: At number six is caring for the disadvantaged. The reason why it is in this list is that not all people here now cares for the disadvantaged.
  • Peace: We are at peace but it is not enough. We have to continue our efforts in ensuring that peace endures. Peace is at number seven.
  • Employment chances: At number eight is employment chances. We want to have jobs regardless of the status and ability.
  • Caring for environment: At number nine is caring for the environment.
  • Concern for future generations: At number ten is concern for the future generations.


Top 3 Best Singapore Cinemas

Singaporeans are avid movie-goers In fact, all over the world, Singapore was crowned as the country with the highest number of movie-goers. If you are one of the many avid film aficionados, there is no shortage of movie complexes and cinemas where you can go catch the latest films.


Here are the best places to see movies in Singapore.

Cathay Cineleisure

As one of the largest cinemas in the whole island, this movie complex is located at the top of the Cathay Cineleisure Orchard building and a big attraction for the teens and the youth alike. The place does not only cater to people who want to watch movies. Other activities for leisure such as visiting cafés, shopping, eating out and playing games are also done in the building.

Golden Village VivoCity


VivoCity is part of the Golden Village chain of cinemas, Singapore’s largest film and cinema operator. It’s a great place to hang out with friends and watch movies because it has 15 cinema halls, which are equipped with only the best audiovisual system. A lot of people prefer this cinema complex because the staff are friendly and the cinemas are guaranteed clean.

Shaw Theatres JCube

Shaw Theatres JCube is found in the West end of Singapore and is highly recommended for avid movie fans who are in the same area. It was opened by the Shaw Organization in 2012 and since then, it has been a popular place to go see a movie in the Jurong area. It also has an IMAX hall for those who want to try the experience the ultimate 3D experience.


Vera Wang in Singapore

Attention women who are aspiring to walk down the aisle in a Vera Wang creation, you need not travel very far and spend a lot more just to get your hands on an exquisite gown. Designer Vera Wang, considered as the wedding wear guru, has just opened her first bridal studio in Singapore.


The bridal boutique is located at Marina Bay Sands’ The Shoppes and will carry fashion items from dresses, gowns, accessories, shoes, fragrances and other selected items that were part of the Wedgwood collection.  Well it looks like even women not preparing for the wedding can enjoy and peruse the boutique as long as they like.

The bridal studio also allows orders and requests for custom-made gowns.

The store’s size is roughly 1,600 square feet in space so it will surely be filled with a range of items that every woman want to own.


The designer’s spring 2015 collection is full of traditional white dresses, a big change from last season’s pink and lux black wedding gowns. The silhouette also is mostly simple and does not have the full ball gown look that we are so used to seeing in other bridal collections. Lace and tulle are still popular garment choices for this collection. The most recent collection for fall 2015 also showcases a lot of delicate laces and luxurious earth toned-gowns, with some metallic touches.

Prices for the gowns will start from $5000. If you have any questions or service inquiries, you may e-mail them or visit the store in person.


The Esplanade’s Theatre

The Esplanade’s Theatre has a capacity to accommodate around 2,000 individuals. The infrastructure has a slightly modified horseshoe form which is a shaped that is adapted from the figure of conventional opera houses of Europe. The Theatre is spread throughout 4 floors and is designed to cater to all genres of the performing arts such as plays and musicals, Asian and Western as, advanced multimedia performances and contemporary and traditional art forms among others, regardless whether they are snug or large scale in size.


The structure is home to the country’s largest performing stage which has a length of 39 metres and width of 23 metres. This stage caters to a broad spectrum of performances. There is a main stage and 2 supplementary stages that has the same size which serves to facilitate quick scene changes and facilitate technical set ups. An alterable stage ach frames the main stage and allows the stage width to be adjusted from 12 metres to 16 metres. Furthermore, there is an adjustable orchestra pit (a place wherein musicians who perform for an orchestral presentation reside) that can hold a maximum of 100 musicians as well as a 30 metre tall fly tower.

Esplanade Theatre Singapore 7

Even though the theatre is deemed large that houses around 2,000 seats, the distance between the stage and the furthest seat is a meager 40 metres, consequently allowing visitors, regardless of where they are seated, to have a clear view of the presentation on stage. This prevents individuals from getting disappointed and makes sure that they are thoroughly entertained by the performance.


A Guide to Wildlife Parks in Singapore

Singapore is a very developed country. It is small, yet its economical status is at par, if not better, with the rest of the world. Singapore has the world’s most developed buildings and infrastructures, but despite this fact, Singapore is also home to many wildlife and natural parks. If you want to take a look to a more relaxed and environment-friendly part of Singapore, here are the places you should go to.

Jurong Birdpark - June 2005 - 075

1.       Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park is a park where thousands of birds rest. There are 5,000 different birds here from 400 different species. These birds can be viewed from afar or visitors can also hold them in different parts of the park and during the bird show. Aside from the birds, the landscape in Jurong Bird Park and the flora and fauna here are remarkable that many people find this place not only a place for leisure but also a good background for photography.

2.       Singapore Zoo

The home of 2,800 different animals from the small ones to the big ones is the Singapore Zoo. This zoo aims to inform and entertain at the same time. In cages of animals are explanations of what kind of animal they are and from what specie they belong too. Getting closer to animals is also possible because there are animal shows—Animal Friends Show. Visitors are also given hand-feeding sessions with the animals.


3.       Marine Life Park

Marine Life Park Singapore is a two in one park where S.E.A. Aquarium and Adventure Cove lie. If you want to witness marine life and just be a mere spectator of it, both mentioned places have aquariums which allow visitor not only to view marine life but also to be encapsulated by it because of the huge size of the aquarium. If, on the other hand, you want to experience being in the water itself, Adventure Cove has a lot of swimming activities, and both places have diving with marine life experiences.

4.       River Safari

Be informed about the different rivers in the world while exploring the wild in the River Safari. In this park, visitors are toured to see different animals riding a special boat.