4 Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Dog

If you’re an animal lover in Singapore who wants nothing more than to have a new furry friend, and you’ve most likely spent countless hours trying to convince your parents why you should get one.

However, there are a few things that you need to know before getting one:

  1. Dogs take much more time and energy to raise than cats

They’re also much more social and need more stimulation in their everyday experience, and the lack of this can put your dog in a rather mood. They need regular walks outside, and they also need toys for their teeth to chew on if they happen to be growing puppies.

Dog years are much shorterthan human years, so be sure to give them love and attention as much as youcan.

  • Much like people, they also need their teeth brushed

Dental health is criminally underrated when it comes to caring for your pets, which is why you should also brush your dog’s teeth regularly using a special brush and toothpaste. Taking your dog to the vet and scheduling an appointment for a regular check-up can also just as easily avoid problems later on.

You should also get Fido’snails trimmed so they don’t break, snag, or affect his gait and make itdifficult for him to walk. If your pet dog doesn’t like having their pawshandled, a short visit to the vet can make things a lot easier.

  • Dogs do not like being chained up in a corner and left alone

Many dog owners often tie their dogs to a corner when they need to go somewhere and leave them alone, and may not seem like a dangerous thing to do to your pet at first. However, this turns out to be both dangerous and cruel as a practice.

The reason for this is because dogs are naturally territorial and aggressive, and this instinct switches on when they are confined to a small space. Tying them also increases the chance of them potentially getting strangled or choking on the leash, and can even make them sitting targets for the weather, other animals, or other external factors.

  • Canine fur can be a source of allergy for some people

Whether you’re planning on getting a dog with long fur that you need to brush and trim, or a short-haired dog that doesn’t need too much hair, you should check to make sure that you’re not allergic beforehand.

You should also be prepared for your home being covered in dog fur when you decide to adopt a new furry friend. Dog fur, like dust, can be home to dust mites or other things that could increase your tendency to sneeze.

5 Easy Steps You Can Take to Be a More Responsible Dog Owner in Singapore

A dog’s personality depends on the owner, and your responsibility as someone who owns a pet in Singapore is to make sure that your pet is in the best of health.

However, as a dog owner, you also need to think abouthow your dog interacts with the people around you as well as the environment –and make sure that the balance between them is preserved.

To be a more responsible dog owner, follow these simple steps:

1. Observe the Code of Responsible Behavior (CRB).

The Code of Responsible Behavior is something every HDB owner/tenant complies with in order to keep the surroundings clean and orderly, as well as to minimize noise that could annoy the neighbors.

Keeping your home conducive and comfortable to your pets is important to keep them from becoming easily irritated or agitated when they go outside. It also makes it easier to clean up after your pet once you’ve trained it.

2. Make sure the dog you plan on adopting is either a mixed medium-sized breed or a “Singapore Special”.

The environment is a big factor that needs to be considered when it comes to raising a dog. The reason why HDB flats can’t accept big dogs is because they require regular exercise and a lot of room to move around. They are also more likely to be hyperactive and cause a lot of noise that could upset your neighbors.

Though this is slowly changing, it still helps to geta pet that your home and lifestyle can accommodate. In fact, most dogs livingin HDB flats in Singapore belong to the “toy dog” category, as they are theones that tend to be the easiest to maintain relative to the size of the HDBflat.

3. Keep your pets’ tags updated and properly identifiable.

In the off chance that your pet suddenly runs off, being able to identify and know the location of your pet dog is a blessing. The good news is that nearly all dogs in Singapore are now required to be given a microchip implant that allows them to be easily tracked.

4. Don’t be a backyard breeder.

There are a lot of safer, alternative, and more pet-friendlyreasons to take home pets from an adoption shelter rather than a breeder.However, should you choose to become a dog breeder, it’s important that youfollow the proper protocols involved.

5. Let your pets go outside.

Dogs are inherently social animals, meaning that they love company and hate being left alone. Going out on regular walks and allowing your pet dog to experience the outside world is a great way to train your pets to not freak out whenever they see something they’re not familiar with.

(Disclaimer: this list is compiled in no particular order.)

5 Ways to Clear your Mind

In Singapore and all throughout the world, people are faced with difficulties, roadblocks, unexpected results and basically stress. One way or another let us face the fact that we can’t handle everything but in order to clear our minds and become more relaxed, here are five ways we can do:

  1. Call a friend. Before you cringe and wallow in self-pity, try to talk your friend. Call them or better yet talk to them in person. It’s always nice to have a heart to heart talk with someone whom you know won’t judge you and will be there to support you no matter what. Your friend can help you offload your sentiments and struggles. They can also help ease your anxieties and help clear your mind.


  1. Have your own diary or journal. Writing somehow helps in making you feel better. Once you face a certain obstacle or stressful experience, try to write down what you feel, what happened, what contributed to the said problem, and on what things you can do to solve it. That being said, you can bring this diary or journal anywhere you go so that in every occurrence, you can refer to what you wrote.


  1. Go for a walk or a long run. By walking or running, you can clear your mind from all that is bugging you. You certainly need the fresh air, the pump of blood and perspiration. Do it more often. You can even schedule it during your afternoon breaks. By the end of the day, you will not only feel refreshed but you would also feel calmed and collected. You might even get to find solutions to your problems just by doing these activities.

  1. Unplug from technology. Technology may distract you from stress but it can never let you focus on things that really matter. If you want to clear your mind, unplug yourself from all your gadgets and computers. Give yourself the privilege to contemplate and relax. Hold yourself back, constrain yourself into using anything, try to just lean on your office window and sip a cup of coffee or tea.


  1. Read an interesting book. There’s nothing more entertaining than reading a great book. If you have the time, read as many interesting books as possible. You can’t only escape your stressful day but you can also get inspired with the stories you read. You can either read a novel, a magazine or stories of successful people. Dig in to things that could contribute to your knowledge and imagination.

Make a Unique Gift with an Engraved Hip Flasks

Looking for the best gift for the men close to your heart? One must consider engraved hip flasks. Hip flasks are suitable for males of varying passions, ages, likes and dislikes. You can even get the hip flasks engraved if you prefer custom-made gifts. Hip flasks come with a hint of extravagance, fitting of a occasion.


To the guy you have considered to be simple, there are simple hip flasks on the market. An engraved hip flask also can be available in many colours, you can choose one in line with the recipient’s most-loved colour. If you’re concerned about the size of the hip flask, you can buy small sizes that could be easily slid into one’s pocket or the large types that can fit easily within a backpack.

Hip flasks are good gift options even when there is no event at all. An engraved hip flask also can function as a reminder that you value the individual you are giving the item to. You didn’t pick just any hip flask available for purchase – you have made certain they are having a piece created particularly for that individual.

Uses of Engraved Hip Flasks

The hip flask is known as a fashion accessory for gentlemen. It enables them to bring the drink of their preference in a discreet and at the same time, classy way. That likewise provides them the freedom to drink whenever they like to without having to spend much. It’s essential to follow proper decorum, but, when utilising the flask and sipping from it.


Of course, they cannot drink and drive, for starters, or have alcohol whenever they’re meant to be taking the children for a stroll. When you have confidence that the receiver will use the flask appropriately, then you don’t need to worry about your gift contributing to more harm than good.

Ways to Hold Your Flask

How guys carry the engraved hip flask will add to their outfit’s elegance. Flasks are, typically, curved to suit into the pants pocket found on the hip. It could be stowed in one’s blazer pocket for convenient accessibility. It is beneficial should they like both of their hands free and skip having a bag. The element that must be looked into will be the measurements of the pocket and the type of hip flask that can fit in.

An alternate way to hold a customised flask is by placing it in your pants’ pocket. This location is perfect for hiding the hip flask. Fitted skinny jeans aren’t a good idea as they might not have sufficient space for the flask, and if they do, will turn out being irritating and revealing.

The Best Place to Shop for Hip Flasks Engraved

You’ll find online sellers specialising in engraved hip flasks. You need to check out the website to become familiar with the supplier more before buying something. Look at evaluations to see what the previous shoppers say about the quality of the hip flask and the engraving service. Benefit from free engraving and delivery offers that instantly include your order of a engraved hip flask.


Wireless VoIP—The WiMAX and VoIP Tandem

WiMAX, which stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, is a wireless wide area network (WAN) that provides the same coverage as DSL, but without the wires. It provides Internet connection to computers in the same way GSM gives connection to mobile phones, making it a much more convenient and favourable replacement for conventional telephone lines.


WiMAX’s Potential for VoIP

Wired Internet connections, like DSL, give broadband access, but besides being fixed it cannot reach certain areas and are much more expensive. On the other hand, WiFi, the most widely used wireless Internet technology today, has very limited scope; plus, it’s not easy to look for a WiFi hotspot. WiMAX comes into the picture as a solution to the misses of the two connections. Unlike PaBX, WiMAX provides quality broadband accessibility and has impressively high penetrability that the microwaves it emits can reach every corner and space of its coverage area. This suggests that WiMAX’s capabilities could be the most suitable platform for Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in Singapore.

WiMAX Connectivity Opportunity

Voice-over IP, unlike the older PaBX system technology, is a communication technology that gets more useful and cost-efficient when users are on the move. This is why the industry is constantly on the hunt for more reliable wireless platforms that could accommodate the traffic between mobile devices, laptops, and computers. Up to now, this remains a challenge and that’s why people usually upgrade to cloud PABX phone system from Singapore for better technology. Users often stay away from using their 3G data plans because of the cost that comes with it, and prefer looking for WiFi hotspots to make calls.
With WiMAX, users are ensured that they are connected 24/7 and access to Internet is constant whether in and out of home. People can easily make cheap or even free voice-over IP calls through their mobile phones and laptops while on the move.


WiMAX’s Downside

If WiMAX is deemed great for voice-over IP technology that is maybe better than PBX phone systems, then why is it that it doesn’t shine together with the new communication technology? The most obvious reason is the very limited consideration that hardware manufacturers give to WiMAX. Only a few laptops, computers, and mobile handsets are WiMAX-ready. However, it is expected to see more of WiMAX-ready gadgets as Nokia and Intel have recently showed their intentions in integrating this cutting edge technology into their products.

WiMAX modems exist in the market as well, which could be used as interface devices. However, due to its size and the necessity to be powered, the modem is a hindrance to mobility. Another downside of WiMAX is the lack of logistic support on the management and the software. Many WiMAX providers try to cut on resources and save on antenna and server hardware. As a result, the inadequate antenna density per unit area, bandwidth, and server power to be shares, users will experience relatively poor connection speed and performance. A quality WiMAX connection should always be accompanied with adequate facilities, good network management, and ample bandwidth, plus quality service.

Using VoIP with WiMAX

To use your VoIP Singapore with WiMAX, make sure that you’re in an area where there are WiMAX networks available. To know whether you’re living in a WiMAX-accessible area, take a look at the List of WiMAX networks at Wikipedia, which enumerates the countries with WiMAX and the WiMAX networks available.

Next thing is to ensure you have all the necessary hardware. If you want a WiMAX-ready mobile phone, it might be challenging to look for an affordable one; or you can use a free modem from your WiMAX service provider, which will be returned at the end of the contract, to access the Internet through your non-WiMAX-ready device.

Once you’re connected to a WiMAX connection, you can use the many different voice-over IP services to make cheap or free calls locally or internationally. The type of service you will use depends primarily on how you will be using the WiMAX, whether mobile or residential.