Miracles of Alkalized Water

These days when medicines are expensive and hospitalization costs are high, prevention is always better than cure – and cheaper too. It is better for us to employ ways and methods to maintain good health than to undergo medication when illnesses strike us. Alkaline water has natural curative powers that help medicate various illnesses. Indeed, the health benefit one can get from drinking alkaline water is has a very high potential.


Eczema and Other Skin Allergies

Eczema is a medical condition in which a person suffers from inflamed epidermis. The itching is severe and leaves the skin swollen. Reports say that in Singapore, 1 out of five people are affected by this skin disease. Several health studies conducted in the past concluded that drinking alkaline water can help treat eczema and other skin allergies. One medical case reported of a 9-year old girl who had eczema and whose conditions only improved after including alkaline water therapy in her treatment. After 6 months of drinking 2 liters of alkaline water every day, she was considered treated from the disease.



Several medical studies lead to the discovery that alkaline water from Singapore can cure gout. Gout is the most common form of arthritis and is characterized by painful inflammation of joints particularly in the hands and feet. One gout patient reported that he no longer limps around his house and office after having alkaline water therapy. After a month of drinking alkaline water, his test results showed that there are significant drops in his uric acid and triglyceride levels. The ratio of his good cholesterol to bad cholesterol also improved. Overall, he experienced total improvement in his health condition because of drinking alkaline water.


Alkaline water also has miraculous effects to patients with osteoporosis, from minor to most severe cases. One patient testified that her nails used to break easily in the past because of calcium depletion. Then after drinking alkaline water, she noticed that her nails become stronger and no longer break easily. The alkaline water she is now drinking has restored the calcium minerals in her body.


This severe illness has been killing millions of people worldwide. While cancer at a terminal stage can hardly be treated by water alone, there are studies in the past that strengthened the claim that alkaline water can be a supplemental treatment for cancer.


Health studies reveal that ionized water from Singapore can help treat diabetes. One patient testified that in the past, he used to take pills especially before meals in order to regulate his body’s insulin production. After 3 months of drinking alkaline water, he felt an improvement in his health condition and could now eat a bowl of white rice without worries. His skin also used to have scars due to his type 2 diabetes. However, alkaline water healed him.


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