Facts About Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting is a fat reduction treatment that uses cryolipolysis technology to reduce fat cells in certain parts of the body. Essentially, the procedure makes use of a cooling mechanism on targeted areas to eradicate fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissues and the skin.


This procedure is proven safe and effective in getting rid of excess fat in smaller areas like the lower belly, love handles, bra area, and thighs, but not ideal for larger areas like the buttocks, upper back, and stomach area. Want to know more about this revolutionary procedure? Here are some facts:

1. It’s a straightforward procedure.

This procedure is fast and straightforward. Your medical practitioner will first evaluate which parts of your body need to be treated. At Astique Clinic, many have commented that in Singapore, the Astique coolsculpting experience was great, hence there is no need to fear. Once your doctor has identified the target areas, a gel pad is applied to protect the skin, and then the fat is suctioned into the coolsculpting applicator, which comes in three sizes to fit different body parts. Then, the targeted area becomes numb due to coldness of temperature. After an hour, the area is released from the suction and massaged by the doctor until the lumpy texture of the skin disappears.

2. It targets only the fat cells.

This non-invasive procedure targets and destroys only the fat cells and leaves the surrounding tissue unharmed during the process. Other fat reduction processes, such as radio-frequency, focused ultrasound, and other laser treatments, also destroy fat cells but can also affect nearby tissues in any way that’s comparable to coolsculpting in Singapore.

3. It is suitable for everyone.

Regardless of gender, age, body type, and ethnicity, anyone can be a candidate for this procedure. Patients 18 years old and below need to secure referral from a doctor; an accompanying parent is also required during the consultation.

4. It removes 20 to 30 percent fat—for good.

Although coolsculpting can only remove 20 to 30 percent of fat cells in an area, it removes them for good, meaning destroyed cells don’t grow and accumulate fat deposits again. However, this doesn’t mean that the treated area can no longer bulge again as the remaining fat cells can still accumulate more fat and bloat the area once more. To maintain results, healthy diet and regular exercise is necessary.

5. It requires no downtime.

Because this is a non-surgical procedure, there’s no need for recovery period. This means as soon as the treatment has concluded, you can return to your normal, daily routine. Sure, the treated area(s) will feel sore after the treatment, but it should feel better in a couple of hours. Though be sure to follow your doctor’s post-treatment instructions as some symptoms can last for weeks.


6. It provides gradual fat loss.

As mentioned, this treatment can make you lose 20 to 30 percent fat in the targeted area. Fat loss will be gradual—not instant. You’ll see noticeable results in a matter of weeks and full results in three to five months. However, those who are not conscious with their diet and gained weight during the post-treatment period may not see significant results after a couple of months. To achieve desired result, watch your diet and do regular exercises.

7. It only has minor side effects.

The side effects of coolsculpting are not as bothersome as its surgical counterpart. Apart from minor and temporary inflammation, soreness, and occasional skin sensitivity, some Singapore patients report pins and needles sensation in the days following the treatment.

8. It’s mild, but not 100% pain-free.

Despite the minimal side effects and being non-surgical, this fat-reduction method is not 100% pain free. The first couple of minutes into the procedure are the most uncomfortable. The applicator vacuums the fatty skin before putting it to intense cold. For some, the sucking motion feels uncomfortable and the cooling action feels a bit tingly.

9. It is quick and discreet.

Since it is an outpatient procedure and takes only an hour to complete, no one will notice you’ve had the treatment done unless you decide to tell them. This can be very beneficial especially to high-profile personalities who wish to be discreet about going through a fat-reduction procedure.

10. It is the only one of its kind.

Coolsculpting is the only FDA-approved fat-reduction treatment with built-in freeze-detect technology. This one-of-a-kind feature prevents damage to the skin and other injuries associated with imitation devices in the market that claim to be “just like coolscupting.” These copycat devices have caused injuries including severe burns, which require surgical treatment on the affected skin.

11. It’s not a substitute for liposuction.

For those problem areas with overly thick fat that the coolsculpting applicator is unable to work on, liposuction is the ideal treatment to go for. Traditional liposuction effectively works on broader areas and gives instant result after the treatment, unlike coolsculpting which can only do smaller areas and takes months to achieve final result. If you are someone who wishes to remove significant amount of fat from your body, liposuction can give you your desired results; while those who are close to their ideal weight can benefit from the subtle process of coolsculpting.

This non-surgical procedure has made a great impact in the world of cosmetic medicine in Singapore. Apart from its ability to specifically target fat cells, its non-invasive process appealed and gained popularity among people due to the safety it provides. Not having the need to undergo extensive surgery significantly minimizes the possibility of experiencing side effects and serious complications.


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